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Digital Transformation Trinity – The Next-gen Tech-driven Businesses in PH

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It has become very important for corporations to understand that technology is utilized not just for technology’s sake. It must serve a bigger purpose in their organization as an “enabler.”

Digital Transformation Trinity-ARK by UnionBank

ARK by UnionBank

The barometer of success for businesses in the future will not only depend on how they utilize technology. More importantly, their growth will be heavily anchored on the depth of interaction and quality experience customers get by interfacing with their brand.

This is what Micro-D International, Inc. (MDI) chief executive officer Myla Villanueva believes as she takes the lead in advocating real Digital Transformation (DX) in the Philippines, one where the DX Trinity—design, the physical space, and the brand’s aspirations—exist in harmony to create a remarkable customer experience.

Digital Transformation Trinity-ARK by UnionBank

VR viewing of Digital Services

For the past 30 years, MDI has partnered with some of the country’s leading corporations to do just that: embrace the DX Trinity to ensure that their brand’s promises are manifested across all contact points with their customers.

One of the finest examples that illustrate the coming together of the DX Trinity is the work that MDI has done together with UnionBank of the Philippines (UnionBank) for “The ARK”—the brand’s groundbreaking retail and banking hub in Makati.

Digital Transformation Trinity-ARK by UnionBank

Experience paperless banking at ARK by UnionBank

“The ARK is a bridge between the real-world banking experience and the digital experience, which we have made possible by teaming up with our partners, led of course by MDI,” says Ana Aboitiz-Delgado, deputy center head for Consumer Finance and chief user experience Officer of UnionBank.

The ARK is a refreshing space that uses digital technology to augment an actual banking experience. It has been a very interesting project for MDI simply because of what they were able to accomplish given the kind of vision UnionBank shared with them.

The way technology has evolved today, there really needs to be a strong synergy between technology, design, and brand aspirations. This DX Trinity has become the primary pillars for the game-changing work that MDI has been doing because, as Villanueva asserts, any DX journey will cease to make a difference if one of these three goes missing.

What followed was a long process of going back to the basics and understanding the intricacies and the details of every customer’s point of interaction inside the bank. MDI looked at every process, every engagement, every interaction a customer goes through their journey in a branch.

The ARK also becomes an avenue for off-site productivity, encouraging creative tech ideas not just from its partners but from its customers as well. Still, within the space, there is very powerful technology that allows customers to save time, fulfill their usual routines, enjoy a more hassle-free banking experience, and interact with space positively.

The ARK by UnionBank is located at Ayala Avenue Makati City they are open from 9am to 3pm, Monday until Friday only.

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