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Giveaway: Spider-Man Homecoming Headphones!

Vivo Valentine's-day

We got some cool giveaway, Im sure almost everyone have seen the Spider-Man Homecoming movie. So with that we are giving away a Spider-Man Homecoming Headphones! Want to know how? better read on…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mechanics are Simple:

  • Simply Do all the task on the Rafflecopter widget Above
  • Giveaway is from July 16 up to July 31, 2017.
  • The winner will be announced in Adobotech Facebook Page.
  • The Giveaway is only for residents of Philippines (Nationwide).
  • Dummy Facebook accounts created only for the raffle will be disqualified.

Note: Make sure to follow the instructions and submit your entries on or before the deadline. Good luck everyone!

The lucky winner must to contact/message us to claim his/her prize within 15 days after the announcement. Otherwise, we will have to pick another winner.

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61 Thoughts to “Giveaway: Spider-Man Homecoming Headphones!”

  1. reuter sam santarina

    i want to win the spider-man headphone for my son because he loves watching movies

  2. Jennifer Timonel

    I want to win this spiderman headphone because aside sa fan talaga ako ni spiderman,wala pa talaga akong headphone at meron lang ako now is earphone. Gusto ko talaga magkaroon at ma experience magkaroon nito,lalo pa spiderman ang design.

  3. Maria Christina Maynes

    I want to win the Spiderman Homecoming headphones because I love the color red and of course I love Spidermen movie series ever since I was a kid. I also love using headphones while listening to music and watching movies and series.

  4. joan ebrada

    i want to win the spider-man headphone as one of my colllection … plus i love spiderman…

  5. Riyalyn Gatdula

    My headphones gonna leave anytime soon. So I badly need this one.

  6. Jham Amar

    Gusto ko manalo kase fan ako ni spiderman at gusto ko sana ng bagong headphone. Sana maexperience ko na manalo sa inyo adobotech lagi ako sumasali sa mga giveaways nyo eh more powers po!

  7. I want to win that Spider Man Headphone kasi I love Spiderman movies!! tlgang lahat napanood ko po and paulit ulit kong pinapanood. I really want to have that headphone na may tatak Spiderman kasi super cool po nyan and please I really wanna have it!!

  8. Nercy Gajetos

    I want to win this one.. para may magamit na ako sa office habang nagtatrabaho ☺☺☺☺ nagretire na kasi headset ko ..

  9. Wilfreda lara Carillas

    I want to win this spider man head phone kasi gamit ng anak ko sa school nila sa computer subject nya po hindi ko na bilhan kasi po walang pambili po ng hiram lang po kulang po kinikita ko ako lang nag papaaral sa mga anak ko single mother lang po ako sana po kahit ito man lang po para sa anak ko malaking tulong narin po ito. Salamat po

  10. Jollibee Javier

    I want to win because I’m a fan of spiderman and I’am a OPPO user and my hubby is a VIVO user.
    The limited spiderman headset is very fit to our gadgets… Hoping to win this prize. Thanks for a chance.

  11. Leonardo Llagas

    I want to win the Spiderman Headset for my brother because he really loves Spiderman, I wanna win this for his coming birthday

  12. Kendra

    i want to win because I need one badly

  13. janinegracebadar

    I want to win this spiderman headphone because my nephew really loves spider man he’s no.1 fanatic of spiderman hoping to win this pls ..

  14. Joel Trinidad

    I want to win ’cause my last headset got busted and I’m confused on which brand I should buy. Good thing I found this contest 😀

  15. Kendall Songcuan Bernardo

    I’ve never experience to have this kind of headphones. I want to have this “over-the-ear headphones, and also this one looks cool!!!!! I really want to have one. 😀

  16. Donna Ria Mahayag

    i want to win this Spider Man heaphones because my cellphone is having a problem on speaker i can’t answer my important calls. headphones are badly needed.

  17. Abegail

    I want to win SPIDER-MAN homecoming headphones because spider-man is one of my favorite plus i love the headphone perfect in watching movies like spider-man homecoming.

  18. Belle

    I’d want to watch SpiderMan Homecoming on my smartphone using the SpiderMan Headphones.

  19. I will give it as a gift to my nephew. <3

  20. DoveEagle

    Isn’t it COOL to have this spiderman headphone? Great for work-at-home like me. Playing music while working relieves stress!

  21. Smith Sy

    Because i’m a huge Spiderman fan!

  22. Kat Echavez Libre

    I love to have this kind of SPIDER-MAN homecoming headphones for my kiddos who loves watching online movies and me too for listening music online.Hoping to win this beautiful headphones.

  23. Vince Baldonado

    I want to win SPIDER-MAN homecoming headphones because as a fan, i love to have a memorablia of spiderman that bring happiness in my life and use this to style my music and its look cool and awesome.

  24. Betty Tong Sy

    For my son, he’s a webhead!

  25. clariza baylon manuel

    Hope to win! please!!
    fb name: precious kisa baylon manuel
    ig: @preciouskisa
    twitter: @sassyyzzha

  26. I’m realy interested with the Spider Man Homecoming headphones, I hope I win this giveaway.

  27. Igor Soliar

    I want to win the SPIDER-MAN headphone for my niece because she loves watching movies

  28. Rona Villanueva

    Hoping to win this for my hubby on his Birthday on Aug 10.
    Being a stay at home mom, i vant afford to buy this instead would have to priority my babies need..
    This would be a perfect gift for our Padre de Pamilya who works really hard for us.

    Fb: Maj Vill
    Twitter: @iammajikz

  29. Joseph Ken Velarde

    I really want this, please be mine Spidey! Hope to win this…Thanks @adobotech for this opportunity, more power!

  30. Jane Gaña

    I want this spider man headset because am a big fun of spiderman. So if i giving a chance to won i will add this on my collection and my son loved spider man to so i will give this to him as a gift.


  31. Michael Samonte

    I want to win this headphones because music is my life, and it is comfortable to listen to music by using headphones, and I feel peaceful to do that.

  32. Rica

    I want to win it because its spiderman, it looks awesome!

  33. Deborah Dividina

    I would love to win this Spiderman Headphones for my son, because he is an avid fan and I want to surprise him if I won and added to his collections of Spiderman stuff.

    FB: DebOrah Dividina
    IG: @dheb_dheb
    Twitter: @dheb_dheb01

  34. Grace Relacion

    Hope to win for my son’s birthday. He loves music as well as spiderman.thanks #adobotech

  35. Domingo L. Palmenco Jr.

    I want to win this spiderman headphone because I am a fan of spiderman. The whole family just watched the movie yesterday and it was great. This will be a perfect advance gift for my daughter’s birthday.

  36. I want to win this Spider Man headset it is So Cool!!

  37. Daien Lay

    My son really loves and adore Spiderman. He is collecting toys, cars, figures and even educational materials about Spiderman. Honestly, we’ve been trying to play Spiderman webshooter in another website to win Spiderman merchandize but we are not that lucky to have the headphones. I want to win for my son because aside from adoring Spiderman, he is a multi-talented and a music lover too.

  38. Marjorie Dee Pineda

    This is great giveaway! More power guys!

  39. Aldrin Montierro

    I am a real and certified SPIDER-MAN fan. I am collecting SPIDER-MAN stuff and I will be happy and proud to have a SPIDER-MAN Homecoming Headphones added to my collection. But this time, having this gadget will be a true worth because I am going to use it and enjoy my watching and listening to music with my best buddy, SPIDER-MAN.

  40. Roxane Cabile-Montierro

    I want to win SPIDER-MAN Homecoming Headphones because I love SPIDEY and owning a stuff with him printed on it makes me happy. It gives me a jolt of excitement seeing my SPIDER-MAN stuff at home and in the office.

  41. Belma Valdez

    awesome prize! 🙂 hope I will given a chance to win. I really love to have a Spider-Man Homecoming headphones.

  42. Mitch Yap

    I really want that Spiderman headphones, because its super cool.

  43. I want to win SPIDER-MAN Homecoming Headphones because I have watched the movie, Spiderman is now my favorite superhero. I would love to have souvenir items about Spidey.

  44. I want to win Spider-Man Homecoming headphones simply because I really love spiderman and of course a limited edition headphones.

  45. Spider-man Homecoming has been stuck in my head for a few days. Which is weird because I usually watch a movie and just move on easily. And I want to win this because it’s so cool to have your own Spider-Man headphones, right?. And my friendly neighborhood approves it. I’m in love with this, I hope to win this.

  46. I want to win because it looks cool like my personality.

  47. Edmar Evangelista

    I want to win this spiderman headphone because I am a big fan of spider man as I am collecting all the stuffs with spiderman pic on it.

  48. Micay Teves

    I want to win this spiderman headphone because this is really a high and a good quality that many people and I’m one of those too.To experience and to have this in our life.For me as song lover and love to hear music tru headphones I really want spiderman headphone as a Spider Man fan too this is a dream come true if ever I win this beacon to bring home.Hoping to experience a headphone like this awesomeness.

  49. Jelicca cidano romero

    i want to win the spider-man headphone for my husband..kc napakahilig nya po sa headset at music lover kc..sya sna palarin aqo..

  50. I want to win i’m fan of Spiderman thanks for the giveaway hoping to win

  51. Cristina D. Tolentino

    I’m praying to win this cool headphones for my one and only Spidey my better half… He really loves spiderman collectibles. Thank you AdoboTech more power and God Speed!

  52. Racel Anabaab

    I want to win Spiderman headset for my son who loves to own a Spiderman merchandize.he loves to watch movie, listening in you tube and best of all I will give this as a bday gift.

  53. Myrene Fortuno

    Gusto ko manalo nito kc wala kong headphone… at ndi manlang ako naka win kay blue ang sad… laging zero sa fruit huhu… bka dito may chance ako… limited edition kc tong headphone kaya gsto ko meron ako nito bilang souvenir nadin …

  54. Jennilyn Pardillo

    Edit: I’m a Spider-Man fan even before I was a kid. And having this cool headphones is a great collectible.

  55. Joseph Banghal

    I want to win a Home coming Spider Man Headset because i really a big fan of Spider Man since i was a kid during the classic cartoons version and movies. i love the action packed design, for uniqueness clever style music gear.

  56. Edson Igloria

    i want to win because this spider-man headphone is so cool.

  57. Deborah Dividina

    I really want to win this Spiderman Headphones for my son, favorite nya kasi talaga si Spiderman eh. Mahilig din sa music.
    Pang birthday gift ko din sana sa August 7 sa kanya. Thank you Adobotech for this giveaway. God Bless po sa inyo

  58. Erlinda

    I want to win it because i am a music lover and i need this, plus the spiderman design is so cool.

  59. Spiderman. Favorite since kid. I already had a shirt and a bag. Kulang na lang talaga headset. To me na pampatanggal ng stress ang music. Time to upgrade my earphone to a headset.

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