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SDigital Bass Cruzer Review – Perfect Portable Wireless Speaker System on the Go!

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SDigital Bass Cruzer is an affordable Portable Wireless Speaker System, it features a luggage type design with a wheel and pull-up handle to easily take it anywhere, it has wireless connectivity and comes with a wireless microphone.

SDigital Bass Cruzer

We received the SDigital Bass Cruzer from BanBros Marketing and took it for a spin for review to see how good this speaker system.


The Bass Cruzer looks like a portable luggage with a wheel and pull-up handle that you can simply roll around almost everywhere. Now that’s portability, It has a rugged aesthetic and looks.

SDigital Bass Cruzer

The Body looks like made of tough polycarbonate plastic and sealed by a lot of screws, the front has metal speaker grill with the 2800W 8-inch + 3-inch high pitch speaker.

Bass Cruzer speaker systems - adobotech

At the left side are the power switch, Line In, Charger port, 2X USB (one for USB-mp3 and the other is charging with 5V-1A power output), 2x Mic port. , the connection ports comes with cover for protection.

Bass Cruzer speaker systems - adobotech

On the top are the main controls. It has LED lights with bright colors so no problem when you’re in a dark place you can easily see use the controls.

Main Control

FM Radio – auto scanning channel
Bluetooth pairing – Bluetooth Connectivity 10 meters range
Echo +
Echo –
Mic volume control
Volume knob control
EQ – Jazz, Rock, Classic, Pop, Flat
LED indicators for Bluetooth
LED light for battery

Bass Cruzer speaker systems - adobotech

One of the cool features of the Bass Cruzer is that it has pull-out handlebar and built-in wheels for easy transportation of the speaker system. The whole body of this device well design and built to last and looks like can withstand harsh environments.


The Bass Cruzer features FM radio with auto scanning channel, and Bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP, input sources like USB plug and play for MP3 music playback, 3.5 mm Aux Input, 2x Mic Jack with volume controls. It has 8-inch speaker + 3″ high pitch speaker with a frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 kHz and comes with 5 EQ presets.

It also comes with one USB port for charging other gadgets with 5V-1A power output. Now that a nice touch since you can charge your smartphone while using it as your source of music via Bluetooth.

User Experience

This speaker system is easy to use. Bluetooth pairing is quick and easy. Simply push the BT Pair button and on your smartphone Bluetooth settings just look for “SDIG Cruzer”, click pair and it will automatically pair it for you. Once done you can now use your Spotify to play your favorite playlist and enjoy it via Bass Cruzer.

Bass Cruzer speaker systems - adobotech

Now there are other ways to enjoy your favorite music on the Bass Cruzer, it has FM station you just need to retract the antenna for better reception and it since it has auto scanning channel you don’t need to manually find the FM station you want.

It also supports USB plug and play for MP3 music playback, if you have your own collection of music stored on your thumb drive, just plug it on the SB port and choose USB as your source and start playing.

Bass Cruzer speaker systems - adobotech

Everyone loves Karaoke, good thing the Bass Cruzer comes with free wireless microphone. Now you can sing your heart out anytime you want to and you can even bring this to parties and events and use it as your party all-around speaker systems.

Bass Cruzer speaker systems - adobotech

In terms of sound quality, the Bass Cruzer can deliver nice solid sound, it has good bass and nice mids and lows. Although it comes with limited EQ the presents are good enough for small room and even outdoors. For the volume you can pump it up to level 32, its loud enough for outdoor use and there is no distortion and still have good sound even on maximum level.


This speaker system has Sealed Lead-ACID rechargeable battery. In terms of performance, you can get more than 5 hours of use on a full charge, and charging it takes around 3 hours. So better charge it during the night before you use it the next day so that for sure you have a full battery.

Like we said it can charge other gadgets using the other USB port since it has 5V-1A power output, it charges your smartphone while using the Bass Cruzer.

What we liked about the SDigital Bass Cruzer
Compact Design
portable and moveable
Good Sound quality
Wireless connection
FM Station
Charges other gadgets
Easy to use
Comes with nice wireless  microphone

What we didn’t like about the SDigital Bass Cruzer
Limited EQ settings
no microphone holder
battery takes time to charge


We love the SDigital Bass Cruzer its a functional amazing Speaker systems that you can use at home or at work. For its price its worth every peso of it. With a lot of connectivity options, its a good alternative if you are looking for a good speaker system and the free microphone is great for Karaoke time. It’s easy to move around and you can use it almost anywhere you want.

The SDigital Bass Cruzer wireless speaker is now available for only ₱7,999 and distributed by Banbros and its now in a computer shop near you.

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