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StoneBrothers Inc. Opened Chenglong Motor Showroom in the Philippines

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StoneBrothers Incorporated officially opened Chenglong Motors Showroom in the Philippines, located at 1174 Edsa Balintawak, Quezon City. The showroom will showcase the latest Tractor Head, Mixer Trucks, and Dump Trucks that are built for Philippines’ Rough Roads, harsh terrains, unpredictable weather and overloaded cargo.

StoneBrothers Inc. Opened Chenglong Motors Showroom

The Cutting of Ribbon for the opening of StoneBrothers Inc. Chenglong Motors Showroom

Chenglong Motors came from one of the oldest cities in China that has a history of over 2,100 years, a place called Liuzhou. In olden times, this was a very poor town that relied largely on the river to live. Because of the river’s shape, the citizens would often refer to their hometown as LongCheng or the Dragon City (in Chinese, dragon is long).

StoneBrothers Inc. Opened Chenglong Motors Showroom

Whenever the river floods and destroys the crops, it is always said that the dragon must be angry. So the people had a choice to flee, or to try and control the dragon. They chose the latter, creating a huge manufacturing company called ChenglongMotors that employs a significant portion of the entire city. Led by Chenglong, Liuzhou has become one of the most industrialized cities in China and has become one Of its manufacturing capitals.

StoneBrothers Inc. Opened Chenglong Motors Showroom

The opening of the Chenglong Motors Showroom in the Philippines is another milestone achievement for StoneBrothers Incorporated. The event was attended by business partners, Chelong Motors executives, local government officials and StoneBrothers family.

StoneBrothers - Richardson Chua

Richardson Chua, the General Manager of StoneBrothers Incorporated said “I grew up with trucks from a very young age and truly blessed to be able to do what I love for a living. I have to thank my father for my love and equipment and more importantly the passion in building this country and that really is how Stonebrothers came to be. And I believed this passion I what unites each and every person, my hope I that you let us be part of your dream. The dream of a better country for all of us.”

StoneBrothers Inc. Opened Chenglong Motors Showroom

Chenglong Executives and Richardson Chua

During the event, Mr. Chua talks about the Chenglong trucks three core advantages which are truck durability, efficiency, and safety.

Durability. First, the heart of the truck as we know it — the Chenglong chassis is like no other. They have a 6,300-ton presser, the only one in Asia, whereas other companies bend their truck chassis separately and combine the Chenglong chassis are presser bend at the same time fusing them completely.

This eliminates any crevices or imperfections that might be the entrance point of water or other corrosive substances. A five layer coating system is used to make sure that the truck will not rust through the years.

StoneBrothers Inc. Opened Chenglong Motors Showroom

Efficiency. Chenglong trucks feature efficiency in both in fuel consumption and hauling capacity. Using a best in class Yuchai engine, an adaptive transmission and aerodynamic body design Chenglong lower down operating costs by using less fuel and less maintenance expenses.

There was a recent fuel efficiency competition in Vietnam where Chenglong placed 1st among all the other popular trucks. It only needed 28.9 Liters to travel 100 kilometers. Imagine that! Almost similar to a first rate 4×4 SUV.

Safety. Because of the keel structure design of Chenglong trucks or what we like to call it, the dragon bone, it features one of the safest cabins in the market today. It uses that same structural design as Eiffel Tower and the Bird’s nest Olympic stadium.

StoneBrothers Inc. Opened Chenglong Motors Showroom

StoneBrothers Incorporated and Chenglong Motors believe, in doing business nothing is more important than the lives of our people.

With the opening of Chenglong Motors Showroom in the Philippines, Stonebrothers Inc. will start the following programs in the coming months.

  • Launching of the website on August 25, 2017 so that it will be easy to all customers to access complete specifications and be able to download parts book.
  • There will be a quarterly training program for all Chenglong customers on operations and troubleshooting. The first training session s will happen on September 15, 2017.
  • a customer care hotline will be soon available for all customers.
  • Satellite branches will be open every four months, the first branch will be in Butuan on September 11, 2017.

Chenglong trucks are one other trusted brand in mining and hauling business which is visible in the provinces specially in the rough mine sites of Surigao and Palawan. There are already more than 4,000 units sold since 2008 this just proves that Chenglong has really dependable products.

Stonebrothers assumed the dealership of Chenglong Motors in 2016 with a clear focus on maintenance and continuous support. Thier unwavering commitment to their clients. excellent service and the availability of spare parts Thier goal is to empower businesses to be able to use less resources to create more.

The event was organized by R&A events specialist and directed by Ricci Ang.

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