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mWELL the First Fully Integrated Health & Wellness App


mWELL app is an all-in-one app designed for everyone’s demand for treatment and care during this pandemic where connecting patients with doctors and medical professionals has become very challenging.


mWELL by Metro Pacific Health Tech Corporation, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (PSE: MPI).

PLDT President and CEO, Manny V. Pangilinan states, “Even before the pandemic, Filipinos needed better access to healthcare. Many challenges and limitations hinder medical care and treatment, more so during this COVID-19 crisis. We are truly excited with mWell, the MPIC group’s investment in digital health care."

Aside from online video consultations with licensed doctors from different specializations, mWell app users can gain valuable health information about a wide range of topics from COVID-19 to chronic disease management, pregnancy issues, online fitness, nutrition, and wellness programs.


 The mWell app also provides patients with the option to order medicines and healthy products via its e-pharmacy and online shop.

mWell is a mobile app driven by industry leaders in healthcare, wellness, and technology. For mWell doctors and patients, CareSpan's Clinic in the Cloud integrates digital care tools, capabilities, and data. LotusFlare's cloud-native, agile IT digital enablement platform ensures a consistent, end-to-end customer experience. Ping An's healthcare technology have enabled mWell to address Covid-19 issues such as diagnosis, care, and treatment. Medicard, a leading HMO, provides COVID-19 testing services.

South Star Drug, one of the country's largest health merchants, is mWell's first e-Pharmacy partner for over thet counter medicines and more. CareSpan, Keralty Clinics, and Philcare, a pioneer in the HMO sector and a leader in digital service delivery, have brought a diverse range of physicians into the mWell ecosystem.

The mWell app boasts an impressive array of general care physicians, pediatricians, endocrinologists, internal medicine practitioners, ob-gyns, psychiatrists, COVID-19 experts, and other qualified professionals like as nutritionists.

There are no set-up expenses for doctors and healthcare professionals who want to sign up. In addition, there are no recurring costs or deductions from their professional rates. Doctors may effortlessly organize digital appointments, view patients' medical records, and issue e-prescriptions.

mWell collaborated with dedicated specialists such as active8me, an award-winning all-in-one digital health and wellness platform for personalized daily fitness, nutrition, and wellness programs, and theAsianparent, a go-to platform for smart parenting solutions ranging from family health and wellness to pregnancy development articles.

mWell customers may shop for over 3,000 health and wellness items at Adobomall's e-store, which is powered by PayMaya for quick, safe, and hassle-free transactions.

Download the mWell app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. For more information, visit

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