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Sony Introduces BRAVIA XR TVs Perfect for PlayStation 5

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Campaign from Sony for its BRAVIA XR TVs called "Perfect for PlayStation5". These TVs are specifically designed to work well with the PlayStation 5 and provide a superb gaming experience with immersive video and audio.

‘Perfect for PS5' Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode are two new PS5 exclusive features of Sony’s BRAVIA XR TVs. Compatible games 3 can also support frame speeds up to 120fps in ultra-crisp 4K resolution. For first-person shooters, sports, and high-performance games, the Z9J 4 models have input lag as low as 6.0ms, allowing for exceptional smoothness and response.

Perfect for PlayStation5’ BRAVIA XR-exclusive features

Auto HDR Tone Mapping 5
With Auto HDR Tone Mapping, the HDR settings will be optimized instantly during your PS5 initial setup. The PS5 will automatically recognize individual BRAVIA TV models and select the best HDR setting for the TV accordingly. With the optimized HDR tone mapping level to your BRAVIA display specification, you’ll see crucial details and colors even in high-contrast scenes.

Auto Genre Picture Mode
BRAVIA XR TVs can detect whether you are playing a game or watching movies and shows. With Auto Genre Picture Mode, your TV automatically switches into Game Mode when gaming, which minimizes input lag to make the action more responsive, or to Standard Mode when watching movies via a streaming service or from an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc on the PS5, which shifts focus to picture processing for a more expressive picture. Auto Genre Picture Mode will be available via future software updates on PS5 and BRAVIA TVs by the end of January 2022.

Sony’s BRAVIA XR TVs are an excellent match for an array of Sony’s sound products, such as the HT-A9 Home Theatre System or the HT-A7000 and HT-A5000 10 soundbars. You can connect the products directly to your PS5 and experience the Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode BRAVIA XR-exclusive functions on a BRAVIA XR TV.

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