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Sudio E2 True Wireless Earphones Review - Dirac Virtuo Immersive Audio

Sudio E2

Sudio's latest wireless earphones the Sudio E2 features Hybrid active noise cancellation and Spatial audio by Dirac Virtuo that can elevate the listening experience and enjoy clearer calls with beamforming VividVoice technology.

The Sudio E2 is one of the first wireless earbuds with Dirac’s Virtuo spatial audio solution and Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation.

Sudio E2

 What is Dirac Virtuo? it enables a spatial and immersive sound experience by creating a spacious, natural soundscape beyond the physical confines of your sound system with accurate sound localization. Sounds, fancy right, but what it does is it gives an immersive sound experience with an expanded natural soundscape while using the earbuds.

Sudio E2 Specs:

Wireless earbuds
10mm Dynamic drivers
16Ω Impedance
99dB @1.0KHz Sensitivity
Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)
Bluetooth 5.2, SBC codec
IPX4 water resistance
Up to 6.5 hrs battery (30 hrs with case)
Wireless charging
Colors: Jade, Sand, Black, Electric Grey
Earphone: 5g / Charging case: 41g

Sudio E2 Design
First, the box comes in compact packaging with the branding on the front and the actual color of the earbuds, while on the back is some important information about the E2.

Sudio E2

Inside the box are the E2 earbuds, charging case, type-C cable (for charging), extra ear tips, and important paper materials.

The E2 earbuds resemble a little beefier version of the AirPods Pro. They share the same short stem that hangs outside the ear canal, almost the same contoured body shape, and it also uses silicone ear tips.

Sudio E2

Sudio was kind enough to include four extra ear tips in a variety of sizes, which makes it easy to find the one that fits firmly in our ear canal. The E2 is available in black, sand, jade, or grey colors.

Sudio E2

The charging case comes is typical in shape with a matte finish and features an easy-to-open cover. It features a small LED light on the front of the case to indicate charging/battery status, as well as another inside the case to display the earphones' battery capacity.

Sudio E2

 The reset button and the type-C charging port are located on the back of the case. It also supports wireless charging with any Qi-compatible charging pad.

The case is simple to open and fitted with a magnet to prevent unintentional opening. Apart from that, the E2 is quite simple to remove and reinstall, and it fits securely around the charging pins.

Controls and Connections
In terms of connectivity the E2 uses Bluetooth 5.2, pairing is as simple as taking out the earbuds from their case and they will automatically go into pairing mode. Then head to your smartphone's Bluetooth settings and look for the Sudio E2 and connect. Within the Bluetooth range, the connection was stable and did not drop.

Sudio E2

The E2 earbuds are quite comfortable to use; its lightweight (5g) the design allows for prolonged wear without experiencing discomfort or pressure points, and the included silicone ear tips do not irritate the ear.

Sudio E2

It supports touch controls, they are easy to use, Taps were usually recognized accurately and there’s a tiny chirp sound to confirm when you tapped correctly. But on the other hand, there was sometimes a surprising amount of lag between tapping and getting that feedback chirp plus the desired action. When resuming playback of a song after pausing, it can take a full second or more for playback to begin again. Pausing, curiously, is almost instantaneous.

Sudio E2

The E2 earbuds feature touch controls that are simple to use; a small sound effect confirms when the tap command is successfully executed. However, there are situations when there is a delay between tapping and the desired action being performed. After pausing a song, it may take a second or longer to resume playback, whereas pausing a song is instant.

Tap control supports the following command:

Answer/end/reject calls
Volume up/down/pause
Voice assistant access
Toggles for ANC and Dirac Virtuo modes

Sadly, it does not offer microphone muting when on a call, nor does it appear to pause when the earbuds are removed. Additionally, Sudio does not provide a companion mobile app for their earphones, which is a drawback given that several competitors do, allowing for easy customization of features such as sound profile, equalizer settings, and finding the earbuds.

Sound Quality
This earbuds feature DIRAC spatial audio function, as well as a VividVoice technology that uses three microphones to put the voice in the foreground and reduce background noise.

Sudio E2

In standard stereo mode (without Dirac Virtuo activated), the E2 earbuds sounds great. The bass is robust and deep, with a deep, punchy low-end. It's extremely powerful, and, it avoids stomping on the mids, ensuring that you get plenty of clarity and detail where it matters most and the highs are equally clear. The E2's EQ isn't adjustable, but it has a richness to the sound that's incredibly delightful to listen to.

Volume control on the E2 is a minor issue. It begins to lose a lot of detail and depth when the volume drops below 40%, but It performs best at a volume level of about 75%. Additionally, the Bluetooth codec supports just the industry-standard SBC codec. Unfortunately, it does not support AAC, aptX, or LDAC. However, this is not a deal-breaker since most streaming music players use standard codecs.

Activating spatial audio (long press on the left E2 earbud), you can enhance the audio experience even further. This creates a wider space for music around you, you can feel it coming from behind, to the side, or in front of you. Instruments and vocals can be placed on either side of you, or in the center.

Sudio E2

You can further improve the audio experience by activating Spatial audio (long press on the left E2 earbud). You will be able to experience the music surrounding you in a wider range of directions. You can hear the instruments and vocals on the side, or in the middle. It's more enjoyable and immersive specially if you love listening to opera, instrumental, and slow jam tracks.

In terms of noise cancellation, the E2 does a good job of blocking external noises thanks to its Hybrid active noise cancellation feature. While jeepneys on the road and other street noises can still be heard, they have no impact on overall performance. In addition, the VividVoice technology does a great job of pushing the speech forward against the background noise, resulting in a fuller sound than usual.

Battery Life
Sudio rated the battery life of the E2 up to 6.5 hours without ANC, transparency, or Dirac Virtuo, however, when these features are turned on, the battery life is decreased to 4.4 hours, which is still acceptable. Depending on the option selected, the case can provide up to 30-hours of additional use.

It's great that the case and the E2 earbuds can be charged quickly via the type-C port and wirelessly. It takes around two hours to fully charge the case with the earbuds inside. For wireless, it's compatible with any Qi chargers but since it only supports 10W it takes longer to charge the battery.

Nice built and design
Impressive Spatial audio mode
Great sound quality
Excellent voice quality
Long battery life
Wireless charging
IPX4 water resistance
Extra ear tips

No companion app for customization
No Bluetooth multi-connection
No aptX support

Final Thoughts
Overall the E2 earbuds is the best wireless earbuds we tried from Sudio. The E2 comes with superb audio performance combined with its engaging Dirac Virtuo spatial audio and excellent battery life making it an interesting addition to Sudio's best wireless earbuds products.

The Sudio E2 is available on Sudio website for only ₱7,000 and it comes with a FREE wireless charger worth ₱2,400 for a limited time only. But you can buy one for only ₱5,950 (with 15% discount) when you apply the code ADOBOTECH at checkout.

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