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Tronsmart Bang

Tronsmart, a brand that designs and makes world-class accessories, recently launched its latest wireless speaker, the Tronsmart Bang, it's a party speaker with patented TuneConn technology that allows audio to be synced across up to 100+ speakers.

Tronsmart Bang

Tronsmart Bang is the brand's latest powerful 60W wireless speaker with patented technology. It's a great party Bluetooth speaker, especially this summer for outdoor activities.

Tronsmart Bang Specs:

Wireless Outdoor Speaker
60W Power
Bluetooth 5.0 - A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP
18m/59ft Transmission distance
SBC Audio decodec
microSD card slot
Auxiliary 3.5mm audio jack
USB-A port
IPX6 Waterproof
361x183.4x150.3 mm/ 14.2x7.2x5.9-inch
10,800mAh battery

Tronsmart Built and Design
This speaker is packaged in a standard Tronsmart box, with the branding on the front of the box and the actual image of the speaker, along with other vital details, on the rear of the box.

Tronsmart Bang

The Bang speaker is secured with styrofoam within the box, which also includes a type-C cable, a 3.5mm cable, and the product's warranty card.

Tronsmart Bang

This speaker features a rugged industrial design that you can carry and use in virtually any environment. The speaker's handle has an excellent ergonomic feel, it's comfortable to hold, and the weight appears to be evenly distributed.

Tronsmart Bang

On the front, there's the company's name and logo in a silver finish. It has a cylindrical body with what appears to be a cloth grille on the outside, which gives it the appearance of a really excellent, tough speaker.

Tronsmart Bang

The Bang speaker is equipped with two woofers, one on each side, which improves the overall sound quality. It also has an ambient LED light ring that changes color that reacts to music, as well as a second, LED light that is located right below the Tronsmart logo.

Tronsmart Bang

A number of dedicated buttons are located on the top portion of the device, just below the carrying handle. There is an NFC, a "TC," a "M," a volume down button, a play/pause button, a volume up button, an "SP," and power.

Tronsmart Bang

At the back are the connectivity ports, protected by a rubber flap to keep water from entering. It has a reset button, a USB-A port that can be used to charge other devices, a USB-C port for charging, 3.5mm aux input, and a TF slot. In addition, it includes flat rubber feet on the bottom to help it stay in position on the table while it's in use.

Features and Controls
The Bang speaker features a 60W power with dual tweeters, dual woofers, and passive radiators that is capable of delivering Hires audio quality. Its equipped with Tronsmart SoundPulse technology, which enhances the sound range and improves the stereo sound. Additionally, it enables the processing of variations in sound individually. This enables the bass to be boosted while still producing strong vocals.

Tronsmart Bang

Additionally, it features Tronsmart's patented TuneConn technology, which provides synchronization between multiple Bluetooth speakers. Allowing more than 100 speakers to be connected and play the same music at the same time., which is great for outdoor activities.

Tronsmart Bang

The solid design of the Bang speaker with included handle makes mobility a breeze, and the IPX6 waterproof rating makes it ideal for the beach or pool party.

The following are the functions of the buttons, which are simple to use:

⦁ NFC - It supports NFC devices
⦁ TC button - activate TuneConn
⦁ M (mode) button - switch input modes, press once to switch playing modes, press for 2 seconds to activate/exit voice assistant.
⦁ -/play/+ buttons - press once for volume up or down, press for 2 seconds to play the previous or next track, and the play and pause button
⦁ SP button - activates SoundPulse
⦁ Power button - press for 2 seconds for power on/off, press once for the LED light modes, and press for 8 seconds to force shutdown.

It supports a variety of music sources, including Bluetooth, tracks from a TF Card, a USB flash drive, or an Aux-in connected to an audio player. Additionally, it allows NFC-enabled seamless connection and supports voice assistant.

Tronsmart App
There is a companion app available for both iOS and Android devices, that allows users to control the speaker’s light and Sound Pulse EQ settings. Additionally, you can select from the Deep Bass, 3D, Hi-Fi, Classical, Vocal, and Rock EQ profiles. Sadly, you can only use the presets by Tronsmart since there is no way to customize them.

Tronsmart Bang

In terms of sound profiles, we choose the standard profile and Sound Pulse settings to be the two that best fit our own preferences, and since the Bang speaker is designed for party music, listening to acoustic or classical music, the softer EQ profiles won't do much to improve the sound quality.

Additionally, the app allows you to toggle between the speaker play sources: Bluetooth, Auxiliary, TF-Card, and U Disk. Also, additional Tronsmart speakers can be easily added to your setup by activating the broadcast.

Tronsmart Bang

The app has a button to turn off the speaker and disconnect it from the source, which is kind of a simple but useful feature since It's convenient to be able to switch off the speaker from across the room.

The Tronsmart Bang connects effortlessly to any Bluetooth device you own, whether it's a smartphone, a PC/laptop, or an Android TV. Pairing is simple and straightforward; simply switch the speaker to pairing mode and search for and pair with the Tronsmart Bang on your other device.

Sound Quality
When it comes to the sound quality of the Bang speaker, there is a lot of potentials, but it will require volume and Tronsmart's Deep Bass sound profile to sound its best. With the Sound Pulse sound profile, the lows and highs are enhanced, and while this adds some oomph, it lacks the punch that many regards as the distinctive quality of any Bluetooth speaker. However, when the Deep Bass sound profile is enabled, the sound quality greatly improves. The Bang immediately sounds more inviting and richer as the bass is widened and weighted.

Tronsmart Bang

To get the most out of the Bang speaker's capabilities when used outdoors, keep it at least 2 meters away from you to fully enjoy the party music with a surprising, superb midrange-forward, vocals that are not drowned out by music, and a perfectly balanced treble.

Battery Life
The Tronsmart Bang is equipped with a large 10,800 mAh battery. The battery life is directly linked to the volume at which you listen and whether or not you use the lighting system. We were able to get roughly 15 hours of playback time when we used it to listen to music via Spotify during our test at a volume of 50%. We also did battery tests with the speaker set to maximum volume and the LEDs turned on, and were able to get 9 hours of playtime. As a result, this speaker is an excellent companion during outdoor activities.

When the battery is low on charge, the speaker will begin beeping every minute when it reaches 10% capacity. Charging the battery is simple: just connect the provided cable using your smartphone charger, plug it into a power source, and wait roughly 3 hours for the battery to charge.

A noteworthy feature of this speaker is its ability to function as a powerbank; the USB Type-A port on the rear is not just for input, but also for charging smartphones and other devices. It has a 5W (5 V/1 A) power output, which is not fast but is enough in situations when there is no available power source.

Great build quality
Handle makes it easy to carry
Massive volume for its size
True stereo speaker
Multiple inputs
Useful iOS and Android app
IPX6 waterproof
Good battery life

Default sound profile Uninspiring
Microphone is not usable away from the speaker

Final Thoughts
The Tronsmart Bang party speaker is amazingly powerful for its size, pounding out 60 watts of true stereo sound. The Bang can reach extreme levels of volume without distorting, making it an excellent choice for outdoor activities. It's a great speaker for hosting party events and large gatherings.

The Tronsmart Bang Outdoor Party Speaker is priced at ₱4,899, it's available in the Tronsmart Lazada store. 

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