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vivo X Fold, vivo X Note, and vivo Pad now Official

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vivo X Fold

vivo officially launched its first foldable phone, the vivo X Fold a premium foldable smartphone that integrates industry-leading technologies and fully outperforms other foldable phones in terms of screen crease optimization and hinge durability.
Boasting a series of innovations in display technology, chip performance, battery life and camera system, vivo X Fold ushers in a new era of foldable devices.

vivo X Fold
The hinge is a crucial part of foldable smartphones and directly affects their performance. According to a TÜV Rheinland test, the multi-dimensional hinge in the X Fold can survive 300,000 bends with excellent crease control. The vivo X Fold may last ten years if folded 80 times per day. For robust performance in smoothness, strength, and shock resistance, the vivo X Fold hinge uses sixfold aerospace-grade materials such as zirconium alloys and FS53 Aviation-level High Strength Steel.

vivo X Fold

vivo X Fold optimizes screen crease with a floating medium plate. The floating medium plate raises the crease in the middle of the screen and flattens it when the phone opens. This gives the screen plenty of room to flex while still protecting the device. The vivo X Fold also has ultra-resilient Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) in a staggered construction, and the industry's smallest bend radius of 2.3mm (folding left and right). The use of multiple technologies ensures the crease stays tight and straight, preventing bulging.

The vivo X Fold is a premium folding smartphone boasting superior display technology on both inner and outer screens. For business and productivity, the 8.03-inch inner foldable screen is one of the industry's largest. The 6.53-inch slightly curved outside screen with a 21:9 aspect ratio is the industry's widest, allowing users to use the device as a regular smartphone when folded. The vivo X Fold is the world's first smartphone to get DisplayMate A+ certification for 19 performance criteria, demonstrating its superior screen quality.

The vivo X Fold boasts 120Hz inner and exterior displays made of E5 luminous material. The displays are brighter, sharper, and more consistent when used with the company's color calibration schemes. The device eliminates past foldable screen visual inconsistencies, resulting in improved visual coherence and smoother screen switching. The inner screen with LTPO adaptive refresh rate ensures great display and power control.

vivo X Fold,

The vivo X Fold also features 3D Ultrasonic Dual Fingerprint Sensors on both displays. The smartphone ditches the standard side-button unlock and allows both screen unlocking, improving both convenience and security. Traditional photoelectric fingerprint sensors are outperformed by 3D ultrasonic dual fingerprint sensors on the vivo X Fold by 38.7%. The Ultrasonic Large Fingerprint Sensor on the vivo X Note is 11.1 times larger than single-point photoelectric fingerprint sensors, allowing for speedier and more accurate unlocking.

vivo X Fold is powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with customized SPU built using 4nm MEP process. Paired with UFS3.1 flash memory and enhanced LPDDR5 RAM, vivo X Fold offers cutting-edge speed. Its also equipped with the company’s self-developed Triple Performance Engine, which ensures the device run smoother, more stable, and saves more power. It also packs a 4600mAh battery with 66W dual-cell FlashCharge that can charge the device from 0% to 50% in 17 minutes. It also supports 50W wireless FlashCharge, a first in a foldable phone, that can charge the battery from 0% to 10% in 5 minutes and to 100% in 53 minutes. At the same time, vivo X Fold also supports 10W wireless reverse charging.

vivo X Fold runs on Origin OS Ocean, providing local storage, private browsing, backend security, and improved interactive user experiences. vivo also announced the Thousand Mirror trust engine, which offers total privacy protection. With this engine, you can secure user, device, and data access by integrating important security indications, providing trusted security judgment, and safeguarding user, device and data access. Other application-level privacy protection features include remote SIM card lock, smart privacy protection, Unlock before Shutting Down, and Password Coffer.

To better meet business needs, vivo X Fold supports multi-angle hover, hover video calling, hover video watching, hover motion and hover input at 60° to 120°. Combined with more efficient multitasking modes such as split-screen and small window, its features can help free hands and improve productivity. Lastly, vivo X Fold also offers a one-stop office solution, with a series of new features like Amber Scan, and Quantum Kit, making office work easier for its users.

Flagship ZEISS Optics
vivo X Fold is equipped with a ZEISS Quad Camera setup. With ZEISS Portrait Effects like ZEISS Natural Color, ZEISS Superb Night Camera and ZEISS Superb Portrait, vivo X Fold can take clear and authentic shots, up close or far away. With an AI Group Portrait feature, the device can also optimize subjects’ faces for taking group photos of up to 30 people, ensuring that the group photo is presented in the best quality.

vivo X Fold’s design concept was inspired by the Chinese concept of “Round Sky and Square Earth”, in which the circle and square element bring forward traditional beliefs and architectural practices of Ancient China.

vivo X Fold comes in two colors, Mountain Blue and Parasol Tree Gray; and vivo X Note comes in three colors, Mountain Blue, Earth Gray, and Night Black. While ensuring top flagship performance, the ultimate thin design of vivo X Note leverages its large size to divide the weight of the whole machine, thus delivering refinement and a high-quality feel.

In addition to vivo X Fold, the flagship lineup includes vivo X Note, a large display smartphone designed for the high-end market and its first flagship tablet the vivo Pad.

vivo X Note
The vivo X Note features a huge 7-inch display with a 21:10 golden aspect ratio, which is ideal for productivity. vivo X Note has enhanced security features such as remote SIM card lock, 3D Ultrasonic Large Fingerprint sensor, and Qualcomm Secure Processing Unit (SPU) chipset-level security protection to efficiently safeguard user privacy and security. 

vivo X Note

Additionally, with specialized mobile office capabilities and the ZEISS Camera System, the vivo X Note redefines large-screen business flagship smartphones by combining business functionality, a great camera system, flagship performance, and design aspects inspired by traditional Chinese design.

vivo X Note is powered by the flagship chipset Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with customized SPU and the company’s V1 imaging chip. vivo X Note is equipped with the flagship Samsung GN1 Sensor to deliver additional excellent shooting experiences.

vivo Pad
Additionally, vivo revealed its first flagship tablet, the vivo Pad. The vivo Pad features flagship specs, including a completely optimized operating system for large-screen devices and features customized to certain user scenarios such as office use and education to provide a more refined user experience.

vivo Pad

vivo Pad runs a fully-optimized Origin OS HD operating system and includes various application scenarios such as “sharing screens among multiple platforms”, “Origin Notes” and “children’s education” to optimize its performance to give users a convenient and professional experience. Weighing only 489g and measuring 6.55mm in thickness, the device is sturdy and durable, perfect for users who are constantly on the go. With an 11-inch 2.5K 120Hz ultra-vision display and four-channel large-amplitude ultra-linear speakers, vivo Pad is optimized for superb audiovisual experiences, gaming and entertainment.

vivo X Fold is priced at RMB 8,999 and RMB 9,999 for the 12GB+256GB and 12GB+512GB editions, respectively. X Note is priced at RMB 5,999, RMB 6,499 and RMB 6,999 for the 8GB+256GB, 12BG+256GB and 12GB+512GB editions, respectively. vivo Pad is priced at RMB 2,499 and RMB 2,999 for the 8GB+128GB and 8GB+256GB editions, respectively.

vivo X Fold, X Note and vivo Pad are only available in mainland China.

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