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Avyan Launches in the Philippines

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AVYAN is ready to bring experiences to life in the Philippines using technology and design. Avyan invests in start-ups to help companies grow by designing and building solutions that enhance the digital landscape with one shared goal: to design the future.


Avyan has made vision a reality through its services, which include crafting strategies, designs, codes, data, media practices, commerce, and content creation. The company's mission is to advance human possibilities through design and technology.

"Best way to predict the future is by creating it. As tomorrow builders, we, at Avyan, focus on designing a relevant, commercially successful future for our clients by creating products and services touched by millions of people worldwide. Our strength is our people and the love for what we do,” Valli Lakshmanan, Partner & CEO said.

By integrating their designs into functional products and services, Avyan's digital and technological efforts significantly accelerate the growth of the brands and products of the companies with which it collaborates in order to provide better user experiences and reach them more efficiently.

Avyan also provides designers and writers of the highest caliber who flawlessly grasp human emotions in order to convey a story that affects minds and hearts. The collective is also made up of brilliant developers who are dedicated to building tomorrow’s technology. From a simple web experience to mobile apps to a complex Web 3.0 solution, Avyan has it all.

The designs and strategies generated are also intended to help clients reach each individual target user in order to provide a more personalized experience for users and uncover additional growth and development opportunities.

Aside from that, the vast experiences of Avyan's designers, creatives, and developers guarantee that the collective's work will be of the highest quality, and the diversity of the group's members brings new perspectives to light, connecting all dots to discover unanticipated opportunities.

We are all bound by the same purpose. And we will always strive to design experiences that will allow brands to stay relevant to their customers now and tomorrow. Our ultimate goal is to drive business outcomes for our clients, no matter how big or small," Kaye Enriquez, Country Head said.

To know more about Avyan and its services, visit https://avyan.global/.

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