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OPPO Enco X2

The OPPO Enco X2 is the latest wireless flagship TWS earbuds from OPPO. It was released last February 2022, It features a Super Super Dynamic Balance Enhanced Engine (Super DBEE) co-engineered with Dynaudio.

OPPO Enco X2

When it comes to choosing wireless earbuds, audio quality, battery life, and comfort are the most important factors for the majority of consumers. We put the new OPPO Enco X2 to the test to see if it lives up to the standards set by today's top-tier wireless earbuds.

Oppo Enco X2 Specs

In-ear True Wireless earphones
φ11 mm dynamic driver + φ6 mm planar diaphragm driver
118dB @1kHz Speaker sensitivity
20Hz ~ 40kHz Frequency response range
LHDC / AAC / SBC Audio codec
Smart Noise Cancellation / Max Noise Cancellation / Moderate Noise Cancellation / Mild Noise Cancellation / Transparency / Vocal Enhancement
Triple-Microphone With Bone Voiceprint AI Call Noise Reduction
-38 dBV/Pa Microphone sensitivity
Bluetooth 5.2 with Binaural Low-Latency Bluetooth Transmission
57 mAh(earphones)/ 566 mAh(charging case) rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Weight (each ear): 4.7g(±0.2g)
Weight (charging case): 47g(±1g)
Colors: Black/White

OPPO Enco X2

What's in the Box?
⦁ OPPO Enco X2 Black in charging case
⦁ Includes extra ear tips
⦁ USB Type-C cable for charging
⦁ Paper materials

The Enco X2 has a stem design, isn't exactly exciting, and it's a somewhat overall subdued look. It comes with silicone ear tips and since no two sets of ears are identical. 

OPPO Enco X2

OPPO included extra ear tips on the package, although the ones already fitted in the earbuds fit perfectly for most ears.

OPPO Enco X2

The carrying case and earbuds are both constructed of plastic materials and have a glossy finish, but it doesn't mean they're lacking in quality. The Charging case resembles a pebble form and it's slim enough to easily slip into a pocket or purse.

OPPO Enco X2

Two LEDs are built into the case, one of which is located at the bottom next to the USB-C port that displays battery levels while charging. When the case is opened, is where the second LED indicator which is to indicate the earbuds battery levels. When the button on the right side of the casing is depressed and held for a couple of seconds, a white light flashes to indicate that the earbuds are ready to be paired.

OPPO Enco X2

Each earbud weighs 4.7 grams, which is fairly light while the case weighs 56,4 grams. The earbuds are simple to insert and quite comfy to use all day. It has an IP54 rating, which indicates that its dust and water resistance makes it safe for use in humid conditions such as gyms and when biking, but not in swimming pools.

Connectivity, Controls, and Comfort
The Oppo Enco X2 are ergonomically designed earbuds. It snugly fits into the ear canal and does not fall out even when cycling or jogging outdoors. Since they are lightweight, extended use of the earbuds is also advantageous, since they do not cause irritation or discomfort after removal.

OPPO Enco X2

Although the default ear tips were adequate, we recommend trying the other ear tips that come with the package to see which one will fit your ear. OPPO claims the antimicrobial design and earwax avoidance of the ear tips would prevent earwax from obscuring the tiny speaker on the earbuds. Since earwax on the earbud tips is a typical problem, this is an excellent feature. However, cleaning your ear is always a good idea if you frequently use earbuds.

OPPO Enco X2

The Enco X2's Bluetooth multipoint connectivity allows simultaneous connection and switching between two devices. Not many earbuds in the mid-range category have this capability. It's great to learn that OPPO included this feature. In addition, it supports Google Fast Pair, which simplifies pairing Android devices, and offers a reliable wireless connection up to 15 feet away. As soon as the case is opened, the earbuds automatically connect to the Android device with which they were paired.

OPPO Enco X2

The controls of the Oppo Enco X2 earbuds are pressure-sensitive, making them easier and more intuitive to use. The stem's pressure point is positioned in the middle. It does take some time to get used to, but once you do, you will prefer them over touch controls.

Audio Quality
Dynaudio, a Nordic audio giant, specializes in back-end audio. Dynaudio and OPPO collaborated on Hi-Fi concept designs to produce an industry-leading earbud driver: the Super DBEE coaxial dual-driver sound system, placed in the OPPO Enco X2 earbuds.

OPPO Enco X2

The OPPO Enco X2 earbuds are equipped with 11mm dynamic drivers and ultrasonic bass technology to give a high transient, low distortion, better texture, and even more authentic audio performance with extensive deep bass and rich vocals.

It supports LHDC, LDAC, SBC, and AAC codecs and its 6mm planar diaphragm drivers. LHDC and LDAC are both high-resolution capable codecs, so when listening to lossless audio or other high-quality music, you can differentiate between them. LHDC is enabled by default on Oppo devices. You can use the HeyMelody app to choose between audio profiles such as "Dynaudio Real" and "Dynaudio Crisp and Clear".

OPPO Enco X2

In comparison to other high-end earbuds, the Enco X2's sound quality is on par with that of the AirPods Pro. The midrange is distinct and not dominated by the bass, even at high volumes. Listening to high-resolution audio services like Apple Music and the Enco X2 enhances the experience to the next level.

The midrange noise suppression of the Enco X2 earbuds has been enhanced by up to 45 dB and 4 kHz, resulting in improved sound quality. This earbud is superior to conventional earbuds in its ability to eliminate voices. You can listen to your favorite music in a noisy environment without damaging your hearing. It also features a 50% more powerful triple-core ANC technology that reduces low-frequency, constant noises such as traffic.

Enco X2 earbuds have dual-mic ANC and hybrid ANC. Each earbud has two high-signal-noise-ratio microphones, which makes it four noise-cancellation microphones. It uses feed-forward (FF) and feedback (FB) dual-mic hybrid ANC to maximize noise cancellation depth and width.

Battery Life
Each pair of Enco X2 earbuds is powered by a 57mAh battery, and the carrying case has a 566mAh battery. With the charging case, the Enco X2 earbuds can be used for up to 40 hours, and a single charge can provide you with 9 hours of playtime when using the AAC codec and turning off active noise cancellation. 

OPPO Enco X2

It's Quite impressive, particularly when you consider that most TWS today only provide 3–5 hours of playtime. However, battery life drops to about 5 hours when ANC is turned on, and around 25 hours of total playtime.

The Enco X2 earbuds support two quick-charging options, and a 5-minute charge can provide two hours of music playback. It takes roughly 90 minutes to fully charge the case via Type-C. In addition, It also supports Qi wireless charging and reverse charging from a smartphone.

Simple and clean design
Impressive audio quality in its category
Support 24-bit audio
Great ANC
Comfortable to wear
Clear call quality
Bluetooth multipoint connectivity
Wireless charging support

Pressure-sensitive controls can be somewhat challenging
Plastic Built

If you're looking for a great pair of wireless earbuds in the midrange price range, the OPPO Enco X2 is a great option for only ₱7,999. It can compete with Apple's AirPods Pro, which is 60% more expensive. The audio quality and functionality of the Enco X2 earbuds at this price point are among the best we've tried. The sound quality and ANC performance are excellent, and the earbuds are easy to wear even for extended periods of time without causing ear discomfort or irritation. On average, these earphones should last between two and three years, or until a successor to the OPPO Enco series wireless earbuds is available.

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