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Secretlab VALORANT Gaming Chair Collection

Secretlab VALORANT

Secretlab launched the VALORANT Collection gaming chair. The Secretlab VALORANT Collection is the first official VALORANT-licensed items, released alongside Episode 5 Act 3 and the VALORANT Champions Tour, where Secretlab is a founding partner.
Secretlab VALORANT

The whole Secretlab x VALORANT setup shouts VALORANT pride for diehard fans with its traditional colors and recognizable features.

Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 VALORANT Edition
Each chair has the Secretlab Riot Fist Bump Gun Buddy Chair Attachment. The Secretlab VALORANT Edition chair brings the Riot Fist Bump Gun Buddy to life. The Secretlab VALORANT Edition chair is the centerpiece of any VALORANT agent's battle station, with the emblem sewed into the backrest and agent classes embroidered on the side wings.

Secretlab VALORANT

The chair's back features the game's catchphrase, "Defy the Limits," in ten languages, highlighting its global aim. The TITAN Evo 2022's ergonomic characteristics let you sit and aim crisp for your rank grind in Episode 5's last act. The Secretlab Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow VALORANT Edition matches the chair and provides cloud-like comfort and support on the way to Radiant.

Secretlab MAGNUS VALORANT Edition
With customized accessories for the Secretlab MAGNUS Desk, gamers can adapt the VALORANT world to their own setup. The Secretlab MAGPAD Desk Mat VALORANT Edition, embroidered with Agent classifications, makes your MAGNUS setup ready for fight. The 1.5m and 1.77m desk mat fits all MAGNUS and MAGNUS Pro desks.

Secretlab VALORANT

The Secretlab MAGNUS Cable Management Bundle VALORANT Edition has red cable anchors and cable sheaths with VALORANT's trademark graphical lines and lettering.

Award-winning gaming chair specialist Secretlab is expanding into the world of VALORANT. Secretlab has been a part of every major event with Riot Games, from the League of Legends World Championship and its major regional leagues to music releases like K/'ALL DA's OUT' and in-game events like Star Guardian and Ruination.
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