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LG CreateBoard Series of Digital Whiteboard Solutions Launched

LG CreateBoard Series

LG Electronics has recently launched the LG CreateBoard series of digital whiteboard solutions (models 86TR3DK, 75TR3DK, 65TR3DK, and 55TR3DK) that are specifically designed for classroom environments.

LG CreateBoard Series

LG CreateBoard is perfect for digital classrooms as it features a 40-point multi-touch screen that offers seamless and engaging writing and drawing experiences. It also offers seamless collaboration with dedicated digital learning applications and remote management with an easy-to-use cloud-based solution.

The latest LG CreateBoard models cater to the digital learning needs of students and educators. With a high-resolution display and 40-point multi-touch functionality, these versatile products enhance interactive learning experiences, making them perfect for learning games, collaboration, and more.

LG's new learning displays offer convenient features for educators, including QR access and Smart Viewing. QR verification enables instructors to access their Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive directly on the LG CreateBoard, allowing them to easily share teaching materials with students without the need for printing. Smart Viewing allows for the simultaneous display of multiple materials, aiding students in comprehending instructions and learning content.

LG CreateBoard solutions are well-suited for digitalized learning spaces and include the LG CreateBoard Lab application, which offers various writing tools to enhance student engagement. Additionally, the LG CreateBoard Share application enables wireless screen sharing of up to nine screens simultaneously, empowering students to share files from their personal devices and collaborate with the teacher for feedback and idea sharing.

LG ConnectedCare DMS (Device Management System) is a cloud-based solution specifically created for schools and learning environments. It offers easy remote monitoring and management of multiple LG CreateBoard displays. 

With an intuitive integrated dashboard, IT managers can oversee their educational institution's LG CreateBoard displays and remotely control basic display functions. Additionally, they can send alerts and push notifications to keep students and teachers informed about important messages and upcoming school events.
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