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PLDT and CSG Build On 20-Year Relationship to Modernize for the Future

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Through a culture of innovation, PLDT, the Philippines’ largest fully integrated telco company, has long served the nation with customer-focused solutions. 

PLDT is expanding its two-decade partnership with CSG as it embraces the power of the cloud to bring its business into the future and transform its customer experience, particularly for its Enterprise unit. This large-scale transformation empowers PLDT Enterprise with a cloud-based, unified billing and revenue management solution that enables streamlined processes across its business segments, minimizes costs, and shortens time to market.
“PLDT Enterprise is committed to simplifying the complex for the businesses and customers we serve, and we know it requires deep relationships with our own partners and service providers to enable us to deliver solutions that create real value,” said Albert Mitchell L Locsin, First Vice President and Head of PLDT’s Enterprise and International Business Group. “CSG has been an instrumental partner for PLDT for nearly two decades and consistently delivered future-forward solutions that can scale with our growth. We are excited to expand our partnership with CSG as their deep understanding of our unique requirements, unwavering commitment to our success and robust solution portfolio make them the ideal partner to lead this transformative journey in our enterprise business."
CSG's unified revenue management solution helps operators reduce complexity and improve their go-to-market flexibility. It also enables them to capitalize on customer insights and act on changing needs to enhance the customer experience in real time. With this cloud-based solution, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), PLDT Enterprise can now provide a more cohesive and connected billing experience, even as its enterprise solutions portfolio diversifies, which drives brand loyalty and revenue growth. By introducing these new capabilities and making the customer experience more seamless for enterprises, PLDT Enterprise is setting the stage for a successful future while adding value for customers through innovations and new offerings across connectivity, ICT, cloud, data center, security, IoT, 5G-enabled solutions, digital services and more.
“Enterprises want the same level of convenience, personalization and ease they experience as consumers, and the telecom industry is not immune to this pressure,” said Ian Watterson, SVP and Head of APAC, CSG. “With CSG's innovative SaaS solution, PLDT can not only meet but exceed these expectations and deliver consumer-like experiences that set new standards for excellence within the B2B realm. Our longstanding relationship is a testament to the innovation CSG consistently brings to PLDT. This is why they continue to trust us after 20 years of collaboration and selected CSG to lead them into this new era of growth and innovation.”
CSG empowers companies all over the world to modernize and standardize their operations with an all-in-one technology stack that gives them the best of both speed and scale. Learn more about CSG Encompass Revenue Management and how to get the highest ROI from your enterprise line of business with a full-stack solution for charging billing, and customer experience management.
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