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How AI Enhances Human Creativity and Ingenuity


AI has recently ignited discussions with concerns about potentially rendering humans obsolete. However, experts say that AI is primarily a tool capable of unlocking human potential across various domains. AI can amplify humanity's creativity, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.

“I’m a data analyst and I work with data a lot. So, it’s a tough question to ask myself, but then I think about how I can use AI to benefit me. I cannot process large amounts of data in a matter of seconds. AI can do that better. So, it’s that partnership of human and machine that brings out the best of what we can achieve,” said Nikki Del Gallego, Data and Insights Lead at Google Philippines. “Instead of fearing what would replace us, we can look at what AI can do to enrich us.”
“AI is going to give us more time, more space, and more sleep,” said Raymund Sison, Partner and Chief Creative Officer at Agency Propel Manila and IMMAP Chairperson for Digital Young Creators. Sison believes that AI can help crunch the more daunting sets of data and figures to leave people more energy and brainpower for the more important tasks such as creative thinking and strategy development.
AI as a growth and results multiplier
"With AI, your analytics now becomes like 10x because it helps you find patterns that you might have missed, hidden things that you might not particularly see. This helps us get stronger insights that help us make better decisions overall,” said Denise Haak, IMMAP President.

Examples of marketing campaigns powered by Google AI were presented at the panel. As cited on IAB SEA and India, “McDonald’s used their app ecommerce data and AI to predict behaviors of their in-app audience — identifying those most likely to purchase. Armed with these valuable signals they were then able to find new customers far more effectively — increasing conversions by 550% while reducing cost per action.”

“Some people think that AI is still in the future. No, we’re actually seeing it now in some of the award entries,” said Cynthia Dayco, Chairperson of the Boomerang Awards and Head of Content at Metrobank. “We actually have a category called Crystal Boomerang for which a lot of performance campaigns that use Google AI have been submitted. Using Google AI, you have greater reach, greater conversions and more incremental revenue.”
Using AI responsibly
Since AI remains an ever-evolving technology that is continually advancing, companies have a pivotal role to play in charting the course for its ethical, equitable, and judicious application.

In a demonstration of their commitment to responsible AI, Google, in collaboration with Anthropic, Microsoft, and OpenAI, has introduced the Frontier Model Forum—an industry consortium dedicated to ensuring the safe and responsible development of cutting-edge AI models. 

The Frontier Model Forum leverages the technical and operational expertise of its member organizations to benefit the entire AI community. This includes advancing technical assessments and benchmarks as well as creating a public repository of solutions that support industry best practices and standards.

Google firmly believes that responsible AI development requires a collective effort spanning various sectors of society, including government, businesses, universities, and more, fostering innovation that benefits all while mitigating potential risks.

With AI, the horizon of human creativity appears boundless, and we are merely at the outset of this remarkable journey. You can explore Google Bard and learn more about the depths of your own creative abilities to experience the potential that generative AI has unlocked.
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