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Singlife Philippines: The Gift of Financial Wellness

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Singlife Philippines

This holiday season, Singlife Philippines is excited to present Filipinos with a special Christmas gift: The Gift of Financial Wellness.
"In the Philippines, Christmas holds deep significance, going beyond tradition to become a heartfelt expression of gratitude to our loved ones. This year, Singlife is transforming this tradition with a unique gift—the promise of financial wellness. It's not just a present; it's a commitment to nurture and safeguard your financial future, a gift that keeps giving long into the future," shared Sherie Ng, Co-founder and Executive Director, of Singlife Philippines.
Singlife Philippines

Embark on Your Financial Wellness Journey
Those ready to start their financial wellness journey can kick off by downloading the Singlife Plan and Protect App. A mere Php 250 deposit into your Singlife Emergency Fund is all it takes to begin. This allows you to earn a tax-free 5% yearly interest rate while securing instant life insurance coverage equivalent to 3 times your monthly income. This safeguards your money and provides peace of mind for your family in unforeseen circumstances.

With only 1.75% of Filipinos having life insurance, many are vulnerable to life's uncertainties. The 2021 Financial Inclusion Survey by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas reveals that while there's awareness of the importance of insurance, many find it financially challenging to acquire.

Singlife Philippines is on a mission to change this. Leveraging advanced digital technology, the company strives to provide agile, accessible, and affordable insurance and investment solutions for Filipinos. Singlife Philippines envisions a future where every Filipino has financial support when needed most—to sustain a family’s lifestyle during emergencies, cover high medical expenses, or achieve key life goals like a child's education or a comfortable retirement.

Singlife Philippines

Sustaining Momentum into 2024
Singlife Philippines’ innovative approach resonates across the nation. With an outstanding 4.8/5 star rating on Trustpilot, the company stands out in the digital insurance landscape. Customers appreciate the seamless digital experience, from onboarding to efficient claim processing.

Today, Singlife Philippines is among the fastest-growing digital life insurance companies in the country. Nearly one million policies issued testify to the trust Filipinos place in the company to secure their financial futures. Collaborations with GCash, UnionBank, KonsultaMD, and an expanding partner ecosystem are pivotal in democratizing financial protection and transforming life insurance into an accessible, affordable, and effortless experience.

Singlife Philippines

Explore the SingLife Plan and Protect App and Solutions
The Singlife Plan & Protect App is your all-in-one solution for building an emergency fund, accessing digital financial planning tools, and purchasing life insurance and investment products.

Key Features:
Save: Initiate your emergency fund with a tax-free 5% yearly interest rate and immediate life insurance coverage (3x your monthly income). Start with a low deposit of just Php 250 and receive an additional ₱250 cash credit as a welcome bonus.

Plan: Engage with our AI-powered financial planner for a tailored savings strategy and monitor your progress toward financial wellness.

Protect: Easily access a broad range of life insurance and investment products without needing a financial advisor.

Singlife Philippines

Innovative and Comprehensive Financial Solutions:
Protect from Income Loss: Provide financial support to your family in case of disability or demise.

Protect from Medical Costs: A health-focused plan covering hospitalization and over 125 critical conditions.

Protect Your Goals: An investment-linked insurance that grows your funds while providing life insurance coverage.

Celebrate this Christmas with the gift of financial wellness from Singlife Philippines, a gift that endures and empowers. To learn more about Singlife Philippines, visit
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