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foodpanda Logistics Launches Livelihood Program in Celebration of Women's Month

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Ka-pandaBIZ: Women on Wheels

In celebration of Women's Month, foodpanda Logistics is championing the empowerment of women by offering livelihood training and support packages to female members of their Ka-panda delivery team.

Launched on International Women’s Day, the initiative, named Ka-pandaBIZ: Women on Wheels (WoW), aims to equip selected beneficiaries with the skills and resources needed to kickstart their own small businesses, accompanied by a generous business capital of ₱100,000.

Ka-pandaBIZ: Women on Wheels

Ron Sanders, Rider Experience Lead of foodpanda logistics Philippines, emphasized the importance of supporting their delivery partners, particularly women Ka-pandas, towards success and improved livelihoods. Sanders revealed that this focus has yielded tangible results, as evidenced by the threefold increase in the number of women within the expanding fleet of foodpanda logistics delivery partners as of 2023.

"With Ka-pandaBIZ: WoW, we are not just celebrating women, we are actively working to enhance their productivity, income, and living standards," he remarked, highlighting the program's commitment to inclusive business practices and women's empowerment.

This initiative not only celebrates the invaluable contributions of women in the workforce but also demonstrates foodpanda logistics' commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowerment within its community of delivery partners. Through Ka-pandaBIZ: Women on Wheels (WoW), foodpanda logistics is paving the way for greater gender equality and economic independence among women in the delivery sector.

Sanders stressed the importance of providing equal opportunities for women to join the delivery fleet, extending a warm invitation to all women interested in becoming delivery partners at foodpanda logistics. The company pledges unwavering support and guidance to facilitate their journey towards success.

Ka-pandaBIZ: WoW forms an integral part of foodpanda logistics' broader livelihood program, Ka-pandaBIZ, which aims to empower delivery partners and their families through sustainable economic ventures. Notably, three Ka-pandas have successfully graduated from the Ka-pandaBIZ program, equipped with startup capital and comprehensive business training to establish their own sari-sari stores.

These graduates underwent rigorous training encompassing various facets of business management, including store setup, financial planning, product marketing, and business expansion. Their success stories underscore the transformative impact of initiatives aimed at fostering economic empowerment among women in the delivery sector.
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