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JISULIFE Handheld Fan ULTRA1 Review: Portable Powerful Fan with Versatile Usage


As summer temperatures continue to rise, combating the heat is essential for staying comfortable outdoors. Equipping yourself with essentials like an umbrella, cold water, and a portable fan such as the JISULIFE Handheld Fan ULTRA1 can significantly help keep you cool.


The JISULIFE Handheld Fan ULTRA1 redefines portable cooling with its features and innovative design. Boasting powerful airflow, customizable settings, fast charging, long battery life, and a sleek design, this fan sets a new standard for handheld fans.

JISULIFE Handheld Fan ULTRA1 Tech Specs:

Portable Handheld Fan
75,000 RPM High-Speed Motor
19m/s wind speed
100-speed Level
Three Modes Ambient Lighting
Built-in AI protection chip
Noise Level: 50dB
Operating Time: 1.5-6.5h (depending on different gears/use scenarios)
Product Size: 5.31"D x 2.95"W x 1.49"H
9000mAh Li-ion Battery, 2.5h(18W fast charging input)
Weight: 315g
Colors: Drak Grey, Light Brown

Design and Build Quality
The JISULIFE Handheld Fan ULTRA1 comes in a nicely designed box. Inside the box, you'll find the handheld fan itself along with two USB cables (one USB-C to USB-C and one USB-C to USB-A) for charging. Additionally, there are two funnel-like adapters, a stand base, a lanyard for easy carrying, a user manual, and a stylish carrying case that not only adds to its portability but also protects the fan while on the go.


In terms of design, it features an aluminum alloy body with a smooth finish that also provides excellent and comfortable grip. Adding to its convenience is the Anti-Lost lanyard, which ensures that the fan remains within easy reach at all times. It's available in two color options: Light Brown and Dark Grey.


On the back of the handlebar of the fan are the type-C port, a button for the LED light, and a lanyard loop positioned at the bottom. On the front side of the stem are the power button and the roller wheel, allowing users to effortlessly adjust the fan speed to their desired level. This simple design makes it easy to use and enhances the overall user experience when using the handheld fan.

At the front, the handheld fan Ultra1 features an LED notification system that displays fan speed and battery level. This user-friendly interface is easy to read, and it automatically illuminates upon powering up, making it effortless to monitor and adjust settings as needed.


The handheld fan Ultra1 features aluminum alloy blades that are cleverly concealed within the case with the three-phase brushless motor, enhancing both safety and functionality. Additionally, the fan is equipped with an ultra-dense grating, further bolstering its security features. These design elements ensure that the fan is safe for use, making it suitable even for children.

The handheld fan Ultra1 is equipped with an impressive 75,000 RPM three-phase brushless motor that generates a wind speed of up to 19m/s, offering users a choice of 100 adjustable speed settings. This design minimizes body vibrations and duct friction, while its high-precision fan blades maintain dynamic balance stability, ensuring optimal airflow efficiency.


Unlike conventional handheld fans with a 6000 RPM motor that typically produces a wind speed of 4m/s, the handheld fan Ultra1 compact size doesn't compromise on power, delivering significantly stronger airflow for enhanced cooling performance.

When it comes to safety, it's equipped with a built-in AI protection chip. This ensures that the fan remains at a safe temperature, even during extended periods of use.

This handheld fan offers user-friendly controls that make it effortless to use. Activating it is as simple as pressing the button located on the front of the handle. Once powered on, the fan's roller allows you to adjust the speed across 100 levels, giving you precise control over the airflow to match your comfort preferences.


Additionally, there's a display notification at the front of the fan that shows both the current fan speed level and the remaining battery power, providing clear and convenient information at a glance. With support for up to 100-speed levels of wind speed, it's easy to customize the airflow to suit your comfort needs. Additionally, activating the ambient light feature is a breeze with the button located at the back of the handle.

The handheld fan Ultra1 proves to be a valuable companion during hot summer days, whether you're outdoors or indoors. Its portable design makes it ideal for outdoor activities, providing a refreshing breeze to keep you cool.

However, when used indoors, particularly at maximum speed, the noise level becomes loud. At 100% speed, the fan emits a sound similar to a micro-jet, which can be somewhat annoying in quiet indoor settings.


Beyond its primary function as a cooling device, the included funnel-like adapters significantly broaden its versatility, offering practical solutions for various tasks. The narrow-hose muzzle adapter, in particular, proves invaluable for camping, swiftly starting fires, inflating balls, cleaning equipment, and more. The second muzzle adapter proves useful for tasks requiring access to confined spaces, enhancing the fan's utility for cleaning or air-blowing applications. These added features elevate the fan's utility beyond mere cooling.


Another interesting use of the handheld fan Ultra1 is that it is a good alternative hair dryer. Thanks to its impressive wind speed, it can effectively serve as a hair-drying solution, offering faster and more intense airflow compared to a standard hair dryer.


Overall, the handheld fan Ultra1 proves to be a reliable and multifunctional portable handheld fan that is versatile and has the performance to deliver cooling power that goes beyond expectations.

Battery Life
The Ultra1 handheld fan comes with a built-in 9000mAh rechargeable battery, promising up to 6 hours of continuous usage, according to the brand's claims. However, in actual use, we've experienced over 4 hours of operation, which is still commendable. The actual duration of use may vary depending on the fan speed settings you choose. Nonetheless, this feature makes it a versatile companion, suitable for providing cooling relief both indoors and outdoors.

The battery typically takes around 2.5 hours when using an 18W charger. However, for faster charging, using a charger like the UGREEN 65W GaN PD Fast Travel Charger significantly reduces the charging time to around 1 hour only.

Overall, the impressive combination of a long-lasting battery and fast charging capability ensures uninterrupted cooling comfort with minimal waiting time for recharging. This makes it a practical and efficient choice for a handheld fan in various settings and situations, providing users with reliable cooling relief whenever needed.

Premium metal design
Portable and lightweight
Powerful Airflow
Versatile Usage
AI protection chip
Long battery life
LED Light

A bit Pricey compared to standard handheld fans
Noise level might be disruptive

Despite its higher price tag, the JISULIFE HANDHELD FAN ULTRA1 stands out for its premium design, powerful airflow, and versatile usage options. The inclusion of multifunctional adapters adds value, making it a practical tool for various tasks. Its lightweight and portable design makes it convenient for travel and outdoor activities.

The long battery life and fast charging capability ensure uninterrupted usage. While the noise level at higher speeds and the price may be concerns for some users, the advanced features and reliability of this handheld fan make it a good investment for those looking for a top-quality handheld fan with a premium design.

The JISULIFE Handheld Fan ULTRA1 is priced at ₱3,339 and it's available at Lazada here.
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