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MMORPG Tree of Savior: Neverland Unveils First Look in Asia, Launches Co-Creation Project

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Tree of Savior: Neverland

After four years of dedicated development, the highly anticipated mobile MMORPG "Tree of Savior: Neverland" has released a series of hand-drawn concept art, indicating an upcoming release across several Asian regions this year.

Tree of Savior: Neverland

This new title builds on the legacy of the "Tree of Savior" franchise, enhancing the original desktop experience with innovative gameplay set in a Norse mythology-inspired world. The beloved 2.5D perspective and illustrative art style are maintained, promising an engaging experience for both fans and MMORPG enthusiasts.

Crafting a New "Second Life MMO" Experience
Led by Kim Hakkyu, the acclaimed creator of the iconic MMORPG "Ragnarok," the development team has been immersed in creating "Tree of Savior: Neverland" for over four years. The team includes key members who contributed to the popular MMORPG "Laplace M," which has millions of downloads across Asia. 

As passionate fans of both "Ragnarok" and the "Tree of Savior" series, they aim to captivate both new and veteran players with fresh and exciting gameplay innovations.

Tree of Savior: Neverland

Life Skills Matter: Chefs and Craftsmen as MVPs
In "Tree of Savior: Neverland," players can explore beyond traditional combat roles like warriors, mages, and healers by developing life professions such as Chef and Craftsman. 

Each profession can produce unique high-level items that NPCs cannot, integrating them into combat, adventure, and social systems. Imagine a master Chef creating battlefield delicacies that can change the outcome of a fight, earning the MVP title, or an Alchemist crafting top-tier potions and rare dyes that set the server's fashion trends.

"Embark on Adventures, Return Home to Live!" (Enhanced Role-Playing)
The fun in "Tree of Savior: Neverland" extends beyond adventuring to include a rich in-game lifestyle. Materials gathered during adventures enhance both combat abilities and daily life, creating a seamless blend of action and social interaction. 

Players can set traps to domesticate creatures, turn foraged mushrooms into whimsical furniture, cook gourmet meals with rare fish, and visit friends' homes to experience diverse cultural settings. This interconnected gameplay ensures a vibrant and immersive experience.

Tree of Savior: Neverland

Co-Creation Project: Paint the New MMO World Together
The official game team has launched the "Tree of Savior: Neverland Co-Creation Project," inviting players from across Asia to contribute to a collaborative painting board. 

This initiative embodies true co-creation among MMO gamers, where outstanding ideas can earn rewards and may even be included in the game. 
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