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Reliance Broadcasting Goes Nationwide with New DTH License, Taps KT SAT for Advanced Satellite Tech

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Reliance Broadcasting Goes Nationwide

Reliance Broadcasting Unlimited Inc. (RBU), based in Pampanga, is set to expand its reach across the Philippines with a new direct-to-home (DTH) license from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

Reliance Broadcasting Goes Nationwide

This service will be powered by KT SAT, a leading satellite communications company from Korea, providing cutting-edge satellite technology.

With the DTH license, RBU can now broadcast free-to-air channels, including PTV, GMA, RPTV, GTV, All TV, and 14 other essential channels, even to the most remote parts of the country. 

RBU is also working with various organizations to air public service announcements and educational content to all Filipinos, from Batanes and Ilocos in the north to the southern municipalities of Mindanao.

Reliance Broadcasting Goes Nationwide

Overcoming Challenges with Satellite Technology
RBU President, Atty. Frank Martin Abalos, highlighted the challenges of providing information across an archipelago with over 7,000 islands. "With RBU pivoting into a DTH operator, we’ll be able to do our share in giving access to crucial public information to more Filipinos as we try to reach every island in the country," he said.

Provisional Authority and Partnership with KT SAT
The NTC granted provisional authority to RBU late last year to offer DTH services throughout the Philippines. RBU has partnered with KT SAT, a subsidiary of KT Corp. (formerly Korea Telecom), to provide the satellite technology for this service. KT SAT's resources cover over 60% of the world's land area, offering satellite communication services not only in Korea but also in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and Pakistan.

Upcoming Services and Integration with Converge ICT Solutions
RBU will soon roll out set-top boxes for customers interested in their services. Atty. Abalos noted that RBU's DTH service complements the fiber internet services of its affiliate, Converge ICT Solutions Inc. 

RBU will be able to provide broadcasting services to remote areas that cannot be reached by fiber optic cables using satellite technology. Converge is the largest fiber-to-the-home fixed broadband operator in the country, with a fiber footprint covering over 700,000 kilometers nationwide.
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