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Sudio ETT Wireless Earbuds Review

Sudio ETT

Sudio a Swedish audio company is back with its latest wireless earbuds the Sudio ETT (ETT means “one” in the Swedish language) features Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and automatic transparency mode.

The new Sudio ETT wireless earbuds are now available on their website for $159 or P8,200 it comes in anthracite, black, white, pink, and green colors. We already did a review of the Sudio TOLV and now it's time to share my personal review of this new TWS.

Sudio ETT

Build and Quality
Just like any of Sudio's current audio products, the Sudio ETT has nice and premium-looking wireless earbuds. It comes in a standard Sudio box, and inside are the carrying case/charger, Type-C cable, user manual, and 8 pairs of extra ear tips that are nicely encased.

The carrying/charger case has a matte surface with easy to flip cover, at the front is the Sudio branding and battery light indicator, it lights up when the right earbuds are taken out of the case. The charging port is placed on the left side, and it comes with a faux leather lanyard loop that looks nice and that makes the case easy to carry.

The earbuds, also have a matte body and gold-plated tip, the ear tips are small and it has a control button and a tiny LED dot indicator at the back of the body of the earbud.

Its lightweight earbuds weigh only 5g and only 49g including the carrying case. The advantage of having a compact small form factor is it's easy to carry on bags or pockets, the disadvantage is it's also easy to misplace or lose it, and once the case is lost the earbuds will become useless.

Just like the Apple AirPods, the Sudio ETT case also supports wireless charging, for wired charging it uses the Type-C port, there was no mention of the battery capacity of the case or the earbuds but Sudio claims it has up to 30h of use and 20h with ANC+ music playtime.

The Sudio ETT earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0 for the wireless connection, and it features Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology and an automatic transparency mode that automatically activates during calls, inviting in just enough of the outside noise. The earbuds are also rated IPX5, which means you can use these earbuds even while taking a shower literally.

Pairing is easy and seamless, and since it uses the latest Bluetooth version, connectivity is firm within its range, so just make sure to keep both your earbuds and your smartphone close to enjoy wireless listening.

The included 8 pairs of ear tips are a nice touch, this ensures you can get a perfect fit on earlobes. There are five “parabolic” ear tips and the rest of the three are regular “conic” ear tips.

Sound Quality
The Sudio ETT packs 10mm drivers that deliver excellent sound quality, the bass is noticeable with a hump but still, it lacks the power when playing bassy music. When playing easy lite music, it gives a nice warm tone and the mids are nice and it is just relaxing to listen to smooth jazz music. The vocal is clear, when listening to podcasts it has a nice balanced sound profile. Overall it is enjoyable to use the Sudio ETT on most music genres. There is no way to control the volume via the earbuds, which is a bit downer, but the button can be used to pause, play, and move to the next playlist it also functions as an answer button when there are incoming calls.

Activating the ANC is easy, hold the button for at least 2 secs and wait for the voice prompt that “noise canceling” is on. ANC works when the earbuds are securely fit on the ear canal good thing it comes with different sizes of ear tips. It does work in canceling outside noise by about 70% which is not bad and if you are outdoors, it's still nice to hear what is happening around you especially if you are walking or biking.

On a full charge, the Sudio ETT earbuds have 6 hours of playtime, but when ANC is activated the battery life is reduced to only 4 hours, still not bad for a small TWS. The case can charge the earbuds 4x on a full battery, so a total of 20 hours of playtime with ANC is not bad at all.

Charging the case takes about 90-minutes via USB cable, and it takes more time to charge it via wireless pad, the charging indicators at the front are visible, and easy to know when its full charge.

Attractive design
Good battery life
Wireless charging
Nice overall audio quality

Built quality not sturdy
No volume control

At $159 the Sudio ETT is not a cheap TWS earbud available today, it does offer a nice design, a comfortable earbud fit with extra ear tips, and it's great for outdoor use with its IPX5 rating, and ANC feature. The sound quality is good but not the best in the market, there is still room for improvement.

The Sudio ETT is available in 4 different colors: Black, White, Green, and Pink it's available on their official website does not forget to enter the discount code “Sudio ” Upon checkout to get 15% off your order and free delivery to part of the world!
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