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Best Catalyst Case for iPhone 12 - Total Protection Case

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Catalyst Case for iPhone 12

One of the best things about having a new iPhone is there are a lot of accessories available, and when it comes to protection it's best to get a product from trusted brands such as Catalyst, a designer, and manufacturer of protective cases for smartphones and tablets.

For the new iPhone 12, Catalyst offers a new protective case we take a look at some of thier products like the Vibe series, Influence series, and the Total Protection series. Here's our hands-on on how it protects our new iPhone 12.Vibe 

Series for iPhone 12
The vibe series case for iPhone can protect the iPhone up to 10ft. of drop. with its impact protection and air-cushioned engineering. Now that is total protection, now only does it protect against scratches is also protects against accidental drops.

Catalyst Case for iPhone 12

Its made of carbon fiber and polymetric materials which makes the case, sturdy and looks premium. It has a non-slip tactical grip for easy handling and it feels nice on the hand.

It features Crux Attachment System, now which is a cool feature that allows users to attach lanyards, shoulder straps carbines, and other accessories to this case. But we think it's going to be useful by attaching a lanyard to make it more secure when using the iPhone.

Catalyst Case for iPhone 12

What we love about the vibe series case is it's easy to install, and it comes with a free lanyard. It's not slim but not also thick so it has just the right thickness needed for drop protection. We also like the mute button, now it's easy to mute the iPhone by just turning the button. Also, we can still use the wireless charging feature of the iPhone 12 with this case so it's very convenient.

For those who want a simple case for iPhone 12 that can also protect, the vibe series case is for you, it looks simple with drop protection and comes with a free lanyard too.

The Vibe Series is available in five colors; Stealth Black, Army Green, Bondi Blue, Neon, Yello, and Neon Pink.

Influence series for iPhone 12
Just like the vibe series the Influence series for iPhone 12 can also offer protection from accidental drops up to 10ft. It has a slim design with a pocketable finish that showcases the iPhone's true form.

Catalyst Case for iPhone 12

Its also designed with impact protection and air-cushioned engineering, it has a non-slip micro-texture grip and smudge-free frosted back. Its MIL-STD-810G compliance, so it should be durable and more likely to survive drops and harsh environmental conditions.

Catalyst Case for iPhone 12

What we love about the Influence series case for iPhone 12 is it's slim and easy to install. Just like any Catalyst case, it can protect the iPhone from accidental drops. We also notice that the screen and camera lens edges are raised so it's protected when it's dropped flat on the floor. Other standard features are the quick muting capability, Crux Attachment System, and wireless charging compatibility.

Influence series for iPhone 12 is available in four colors; Stealth Black, Clear, Army Green, and Pacific Blue.

Total Protection series for iPhone 12
Just what the name implies, it's total protection for iPhone 12. This Catalyst case is a two-piece case that merges to protect the iPhone. It's waterproof up to 33ft, it's IP68 certified, and it's also dirt and sand proof. Not only that it can also protect the iPhone from an accidental drop.

Catalyst Case for iPhone 12

The back cover has a waterproof silicone seal to keep that water from entering and keeping the iPhone sealed and tight. There's also an integrated screen protector film at the front, it has hard-coated camera lens protection and it also has a rotating mute switch. The charging port is also protected with a silicone flap to complete the total protection. The case is easy to install and it also supports wireless charging of the iPhone 12, yes it also has attachment points, two of them.

Catalyst Case for iPhone 12

The Total Protection series is designed for iPhone users that love outdoor activities, and want to capture those precious moments by picture or video without worrying about damaging or losing thier iPhone.

Total Protection series for iPhone 12 is only available in Stealth Black color.

The Catalyst Case for iPhone 12 is available in thier official Lazada store -

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