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Vivo X60 with ZEISS for Advance smartphone photography!

Vivo X60 with ZEISS

The Vivo X60's flagship camera, which is the first feature of the brand's exclusive collaboration with lens manufacturer ZEISS, a high-definition super panoramic shot can now be done with only a smartphone.

Vivo X60 with ZEISS

The Vivo X60 will be available in the Philippines soon, with excellent night shooting, professional motion shots and portraits, and high-definition moon zoom capture.

More and more photography technologies are being integrated into smartphones, capturing ordinary moments efficiently and magically in a single, easy-to-use interface. The most recent of these collaborations is between lens maker ZEISS and Vivo. Both companies are co-engineering imaging systems in luxury smartphones, beginning with the Vivo X60, which is expected to be released soon.

Some of today’s digital photography is enhanced by changing lenses to suit a subject, environment, or creative requirement. Imagine doing that in a single device and with features integrated and accessible in just a few taps.

The Vivo X60's stellar night mode is a fantastic new feature that was previously only possible with powerful lenses. Its Extreme Night Vision 2.0 feature, which is enabled by its super-large f/1.48 aperture and a high-precision noise reduction algorithm, makes for breathtaking night shots even when it's pitch-dark outside. Since the vivo X60's HDR Super Night Portrait can refine direct focus even in low light, there's no need for a separate lens for night portraits.

The integration of optimum image stabilization is another highlight. The Pro Sports Mode on the Vivo X60, on the other hand, allows you to catch quick movements in sharp focus, resulting in stunning motion portraits in both regular and portrait modes.

The new optical technology that ZEISS is introducing to Vivo flagship smartphones goes beyond the existing systems. The collaboration will continue to innovate so that smartphone users can capture their most unforgettable memories in the most creative way possible.

The partnership also aims to expand current widely used features. Like panoramic shots which are enhanced several times better with the Super Pano in vivo X60, and wide-angle photography which becomes crisper with the X60’s 13-megapixel super-wide angle camera. The trending zoom shots to capture the moon can be created with improved resolution in the Super Moon scene mode.

The Vivo X60 flagship phone will soon be available in vivo stores nationwide. Stay tuned for more updates.

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