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Huawei White Paper and Benefits of 5G+AR

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Huawei Carrier BG CMO Bob Cai made a keynote address on 5G + AR, turning the dreams into reality during HĂșawei's Better World Summit for 5G + AR. Cai claimed in this address that 5G will turn on AR, and that AR will turn 5G on.

The AR Insight and Application Practice White Paper have also been published, giving insight into the AR market as regards devices, applications, and networking. For a thriving 5G + AR environment, Cai has called the whole industry.

AR creates a new frontier
Huawei and third-party data predict that the AR market will be worth US$300 billion by 2025. "AR will first see massive adoption in five prioritized industries: education, social networking, shopping, traveling & navigation, and gaming," said Cai. "AR can truly enable the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, making dreams a reality."

AR makes communication more efficient
During the event, Cai highlighted Huawei case examples using AR. With COVID-19, consumers worldwide cannot personally visit Huawei, is using AR to display online its top products and solutions, making communication much better. Huawei also employs AR to supply 5G stations quickly and substantially improve the efficiency of distribution.

Huawei simplifies AR
Cai showed how Huawei "produces" AR during this occasion. The Huawei Air Photo employs unique techniques to turn a 2D picture into a 3D model, making AR 3D character modeling significantly easier. Cai also launched Huawei AR Engine, the company's mobile-device AR development platform. With Huawei AR Engine, developers just have 10 lines of code to generate AR effects, which greatly enhances the efficiency of the creation of AR applications.

The entire industry should work together to create a 5G + AR ecosystem
A number of high-profile guests attended the event and delivered keynotes, including He Chengjian, Director of Shenzhen Communication Management Bureau, David MacQueen, Executive Director of Strategy Analytics, Huang He, Chief Producer of Shenzhen TV Station, Wei Rongjie, RealMax CEO, Hiroshi Fukuda, meleap CEO, Liang Jinhao, representative of HADO China Region, and Fu Jie, Executive Director of Shenzhen AR Association. They shared the latest AR use cases and their thoughts about AR's future trends.

When concluding his speech, Cai said, "If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. The development of AR requires the entire industry to work together and create a prosperous 5G + AR value chain. AR and 5G are combining at the right time. 5G switches on AR, and AR lights up 5G."

According to He Chengjian, Shenzhen is the first city in the world with full 5G SA coverage. ICT services represented by AR can potentially be adopted across a wide range of industries, including industrial production, e-commerce, real estate, home decor, culture, sport, tourism, healthcare, and education. AR applications have become a key engine for digital transformation and will profoundly change production methods and how we live.

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