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Bengga a New Play2Earn Mobile Game!


Bengga, a new Play2Earn game, is claiming its place in the growing billion-dollar gaming industry by delivering a diverse array of tangible incentives including digital goods and cryptocurrencies.


With Bengga the free app allows users to win real-life rewards while playing a vast selection of games. Bengga players are rewarded with coins that can be exchanged for money and other monetary benefits. The principle is similar to that of the Grab App Rewards Center and the streaming app Kumu, in that regular use generates greater rewards. However, with Bengga, you'll have access to a regularly updated library of hundreds of mobile games.

The games in Bengga are classified as hyper-casual games, which are designed to be simple, easy to play, and highly engaging. After the public beta, last May 2, 2021, Bengga grew its user base by 5,611% with no advertising spend. Bengga users spend an average of 40 minutes per day gaming. The app's user base is rapidly growing, as indicated by its Top 45 Lifestyle App ranking on iOS and Top 65 Social App ranking on Google Play this week.

But what makes Bengga so unique in its form and function?

Since the epidemic began in March 2020, hyper-casual game engagement has surged by 72%. Previously, from December 2019 to March 2020, the number of downloads for hyper-casual games climbed by 103%. People are increasingly hooked on casual gaming. Bengga simply aims to ease those spells of gaming-induced listlessness with an engaging platform where everyone gets rewarded.

It also helps that the team behind Bengga carries credibility in spades, with its core developers having over 20 years of experience in mobile app development. “We just want Bengga to be the platform that allows people to get rewarded by having fun because time and effort is scarce" says Bengga Head of Games and Rewarding Experiences Troy Serafica who, incidentally, is also the founder of the Effort Economy, the blockchain project that Bengga is using. “Video games are already a fully integrated part of our lives, so we’re not really reinventing the wheel. We’re just letting people make the most of what’s already a huge part of their daily business.”

For Enzo Serafica, Bengga Head of Business Development and Partnerships, he believes the rapid spike in Bengga’s user base proves that the market is ready - and it’s a market that’s only going to boom by adding Bengga to the mix. “The numbers don’t lie,” says Enzo. “And they spell a future full of potential for Bengga.”

“For the longest time, people have wanted to have an app like this,” he continues, “And we’re finally bringing it to them with Bengga.” Enzo Serafica firmly believes in the plethora of possible benefits of a partnership with Bengga. The app’s modes of penetration, both through nationwide acquisition and unique user activation allow partners to directly connect to Bengga’s increasingly broad user base.

Aside from that, Bengga hopes to promote NFT and cryptocurrency technology to build game-centered economies, that can then be leveraged to increase brand engagement, revenue, and exclusive access to various items.

“Crypto play is both the present and the future,” says Troy Serafica, “all we want to do is lead Filipino gamers to it.”

All in all, Bengga intends to provide a large-scale version of something no gaming app ever had. The team behind Bengga believes that ‘gamifying’ people’s lives by providing immediate and real-life incentives are the future, and they want to be ahead of that curve.

Bengga is available for free to download on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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