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Cherry Low Carb Rice Cooker For Healthier Living

Cherry Low Carb Rice Cooker

Cherry Home announces the new Cherry Low Carb Rice Cooker, which features patented rice water draining technology that efficiently separates the sugar from rice with 8 cooking modes.

Cherry Low Carb Rice Cooker

Rice is a mainstay in Filipino cuisine and should be included in every meal. So it's no surprise that most Filipino households own a helpful and convenient rice cooker. Now that you can spend more time at home, take advantage of the opportunity to experiment with your kitchen and turn simple rice into a tasty dinner with the new Cherry Low Carb Rice Cooker.

The new Cherry Low Carb Rice Cooker is made for the health-conscious with its patented water-draining technology that can apparently separate the sugar from the rice.

It features eight cooking modes for ease of use: Pearl Rice, Thai Rice, Brown Rice, Normal Rice, and even Soup, Porridge, Steam, and Warm. It also has a touch panel display for easier use.

It also features automatic power-off protection to avoid dry burning no matter how much rice you prepare, with its relatively huge 5-Liter capacity perfect for gatherings and huge families.

Cherry Low Carb Rice Cooker Key Feature:

* Healthy low-carb rice - Separates sugar from rice
* Multi-function menu
* 5L Capacity
* Touch Panel Display
* Patented rice water draining technology
* 8 Cooking Modes
* Automatic Power-Off protection against dry burning

The Cherry Low Carb Rice Cooker 5L capacity is priced at ₱4,500 and It’s now available at

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