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VSTECS and iboss Partner to Support Modern Workforce

VSTECS and iboss

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused enterprises to rethink network security. On-premises appliances only secure the “castle and the moat” for traditional work environments.
Modern labor works remotely and has unique requirements. Cloud apps are more popular as users want to boost productivity, but this also creates a big opportunity for threat actors to attack enterprises with remote workers.

With today's digital workforce, enterprises must balance connectivity to business-critical applications with security.

iboss, a major cloud SASE provider, enables users to securely access any application on any device, anywhere. Users are continually linked to iboss cloud, regardless of device or location, to ensure compliance, web filtering, malware protection, and data loss. This enhances visibility, provides granular policy controls, and improved threat and data protection, allowing clients to connect and secure in the cloud.

“The ability to help organizations transition from on-prem security appliances to SaaS-delivered network security in the cloud will serve as a catalyst for businesses to embrace their digital transformation. Since everything is in the cloud now, from data, and apps, to services, iboss will revolutionize the security and collaboration landscape. We want to simplify customers digital transformation journeys. The open security platform of iboss will further enhance collaboration between teams and individuals without worrying about security,” says Jimmy D. Go, president and CEO, VSTECS Phils. Inc.

As organizations innovate, cyber threats continue to evolve as well. Throughout the pandemic, cybersecurity continues to dominate boardroom discussions to mitigate new risks and vulnerabilities.

“On-premises network security appliances were never intended to support today’s ‘work from anywhere environment. Over the last 18 months, organizations have quickly shifted how they approach network security so they can better support a primarily remote or hybrid workforce that requires access to business-critical applications, from anywhere. We are proud to partner with VST ECS to help organizations in the Philippines not only meet their security needs, but also prepare for the future. The iboss SASE platform delivers all network security capabilities in the cloud via a SaaS offering, eliminating the need for traditional network security appliances. With iboss, organizations can enable users to securely access any applications on any device, from anywhere – all while reducing costs and complexity,” says Paul Martini, CEO and CTO, iboss.

The iboss cloud has been recognized for its network security. The cloud revolution would be impossible without ubiquitous access to cloud applications. With its revolutionary containerized cloud architecture, security features such as firewalls and secure web gateway proxies may simply transition to a cloud-based SaaS solution. With no need to worry about infrastructure, network managers can refocus their time and efforts on what matters most, security.

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