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BOOKMAN Rechargeable Bike Lights Hands-on Review

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BOOKMAN Rechargeable Bike Lights

Cycling is one of the best modes of transport these days, and it has become one of the primary modes of transport since the Pandemic began. Cycling at night is safer when equipped with a good bike light, such as the new BOOKMAN rechargeable bike lights.

The Bookman Brand is based in Stockholm, Sweden, they create inspiring visibility products with an aesthetic edge for cyclists, runners, and pedestrians that need to see and be seen. With a heavy focus on details, quality, and safety, the design has one goal: to make everyone visible in traffic and prevent accidents.

We obtained the latest Block Light and Curve Light rechargeable bike lights and put them to the test on our bike rides to determine whether they truly illuminate the road for safer cycling at night.

BOOKMAN Rechargeable Bike Lights

The Block Light
Block Light is a rechargeable bicycle light that is both compact and powerful. The design is based on the now-classic and well-known Bookman Light – but with the addition of a slimline lens for optimal light distribution.

It's available for both rear and front light, it comes in compact packaging with simple branding and a see-through plastic cover and it's also available in a variety of colors. It's also waterproof so no worries when biking in the rain.

BOOKMAN Rechargeable Bike Lights

The BookLight and a micro-USB charging cable are both included in the box. It has a nice plastic body with a rubber band that is used to secure it to the bike with a loop. It is fitted with LEDs and has a brightness of 50 lumens. It is powered by a Lithium ION battery, which provides a long battery life as well as a brighter light source.

BOOKMAN Rechargeable Bike Lights

The Block Light front has four different settings, each with a different brightness strength and battery life such as the 100% Steady and 100% blinking mode with 50 brightness (lumens), 25% Steady, and 25% blinking mode with 14 brightness (lumens).

On the other hand, the Block Light back has also four different light settings, such as the 100% Steady and 100% blinking mode with 18 brightness (lumens), 25% Steady, and 25% blinking mode with 5 brightness (lumens).

Getting it set up is easy, simply loop the rubber band around the handlebar for the front light while the backlight may be mounted in the seat post. It is simple to turn on the light; simply press and hold the button for around 3 seconds and it will turn on; press it again to switch between light modes, and press and hold the button for a few seconds to turn it off.

The Block Light has outstanding brightness; even on the lowest brightness setting, it is bright enough to illuminate the path on the road thanks to its 360 degrees light, and the same is true for the backlight, which ensures that you are visible to other motorists with its bright red light. Personally, it's best to use the blinking mode for the tail light since this will improve visibility.

BOOKMAN Rechargeable Bike Lights

Another use of the Block Light is it can be mounted on the helmet, since it has a rubber band its easy to loop around the front and rear of the helmet to provide additional illumination while biking. Although that rubber strap seems strong, just don't pull the rubber strap too strongly strong to avoid it from breaking.

The battery life is typical, using the 100% blinking mode will give you around 3 hours of use, while using the 25% mode has a 25-hour battery life. Charging the battery is via the micro USB port on the back and It takes roughly 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

The Curve Light
The Bookman Curve is also USB-rechargeable bike light. The maximum brightness of the front light is 220 lumens, while the rear light maximum brightness is 37 lumens. It comes in slightly bigger packaging, and it includes the Curve Light and the micro-USB cable. Its compact and lightweight, weighing at only 46g.

BOOKMAN Rechargeable Bike Lights

Design-wise, it has a solid plastic body with a rubber band at the rear for attaching it to the handlebars and seat post of the bike, which is also simple to remove. It is also lightweight and compact. There's a power button, and the micro-USB port on the side of the device is protected by a flap cover to prevent water from coming in.

BOOKMAN Rechargeable Bike Lights

Upfront, we love the device glass shape which spills over the edges, ensures a broad range of light, for both front and backlight, it also spills to the sides for a wider range. With this you are more visible to other drivers, making riding at night a safer experience for everyone. In addition, the light guarantees that you have a clear vision of the road ahead of you, which is essential for good visibility.

BOOKMAN Rechargeable Bike Lights

When it comes to illumination, the LED front lamp includes a 1W Cree LED which is really bright, while the LED rear lamp features a 1 x 1W Cree LED and 2 x 0.1W LEDs in red color. The battery comes with a 650mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

BOOKMAN Rechargeable Bike Lights

The Front Curve Light has four brightness settings: steady high, flashing high, steady mid, and flashing low. The steady high setting is the most brightness with 220 brightness lumen, with a runtime of 1 hour, while the lowest is the steady low with 15 brightness lumen and runtime of 15 hours.

BOOKMAN Rechargeable Bike Lights

On the other hand Back Curve Light features five brightness settings: steady 100%, flashing %, eco mode steady, eco mode flashing, and pulse. The steady 100% has 27 brightness lumens with around 2.5 hours runtime.

The Curve Light is simple to set up; simply unlock the elastic band and loop it around the handlebar for the front light, and loop the backlight around the seat post for the backlight. It does require some force to be removed, but it is still rather simple to unfasten.

We are quite happy with the lighting capabilities of the Curve Light despite its small size. The red light at the back is incredibly bright, and other motorists can readily see us on our bikes, it's also visible during the daylight. While the front light is excellent for providing us with a clear path forward.

Both Curve Lights have an extraordinarily long run time, with the front light lasting up to 70 hours and the rear light lasting up to 32 hours. Charging takes about 2-hours to charge via micro-USB port.

Rechargeable bike lights like the BOOKMAN Block Light and Curve Light are a necessary addition to every cyclist's kit. This light makes your travels safer because it increases your visibility on the road.

You can purchase the BOOKMAN Lights online at The Block Lights, which are available in bright colors, are priced at €19.90, while the Curve Lights, which are also available in a wide variety of hues, are priced at €39.00 and they ship worldwide.

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