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Carrier Philippines Launched “The Science of Indoor Living”

Carrier Philippines

Carrier demonstrated the power of the invisible in “The Science of Indoor Living”. Carrier’s technology and solutions work in the background to optimize conditions and filter out equally invisible pollutants, allergens, and pathogens.

Carrier Philippines

“The Science of Better Learning”, discussed how external factors such as music, food, and room temperature can affect cognitive function, heighten brain activity, and improve overall productivity. Classical music and chocolates were singled out for their ability to sharpen focus and improve learning, and Carrier air conditioners have a capacity to achieve the optimum room productivity temperature of 22-25 degrees Celsius.

“The Science of Carefree Cooling and Relaxing Sleep” focused on comfort and relaxation. Anne and Show underscored the importance of high-quality, relaxing sleep and how it can be achieved through pristine air and optimal temperature maintenance, which Carrier air conditioners like the reliable and cost-effective Crystal Inverter are well-placed to achieve. Users can rely upon Carrier’s cost-efficient XPower Gold and its Ultrafresh filter, which absorbs and decomposes smoke, ammonia, and volatile organic compounds while preventing bacteria and viruses from proliferating.

“The Science of Safer Breathing”, zeroed in on clean air and how air quality affects more than breathing: smell and taste interact and air quality can affect one’s mood and even manifest on the skin. Carrier is well-placed to help ensure quality indoor air since its Air Purifier incorporates three-stage filters to efficiently trap pollutants and allergens, and UV-C light to eliminate harmful pathogens. Because certain scents such as that of coffee can improve mood and memory, the distinctive scent of coffee beans helped drive this section’s learnings home.

These discoveries helped underscore Carrier’s commitment to the provision of technology that makes homes healthier, safer, and more comfortable while remaining invisible and unobtrusive despite working reliably full-time in the background. 

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