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Promate 100 Powerstation Review - Portable Power Source

Promate 100 Powerstation

Promate Powerstations are rechargeable, portable power sources that you can take with you everywhere you go. The Promate 100 Powerstation is engineered to deliver power when and where it is needed.

Promate 100 Powerstation

The Promate 100 Powerstation is equipped with a 120 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter that is ideal for powering small gadgets and appliances such as a laptop, electric fan, LED TV, and smartphones.

Unboxing Video

Design and Built
The Promate 100 is shaped like a bar, much like a standard powerbank, except it is significantly larger and heavier. It measures 130 x 250 x 4.5mm and weighs 1.15 kilograms which is a bit heavy but that is because of the battery inside, but still, it's easy to put on a backpack for traveling.

Promate 100 Powerstation

The box contains the Promate 100 powerstation, an AC adapter, an octopus charger cable, a warranty card, and the extremely important user manual which is a must-read before using the powerstation.

Promate 100 Powerstation

The body of the Promate 100 is composed of plastic with a color red top cover; it also features an LED display for the battery level, as well as AC and DC connections. At the bottom are rubber feet that help keep it stable on a flat surface. It also comes with built-in 12V 0.5W LED light on the side.

Promate 100 Powerstation

Upfront are the ports and buttons which includes:

One AC output switch button
One DC output switch button
Two 5V 3A USB Port
Type C port: 20VDC / 1 x 2.25A
220V AC Outlet
DC input (charging port)

The Promate 100 is equipped with a 26,400mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery rated at 97.86 Wh (14.8V/6.6AH). Now that's a powerful powerstation compared to a standard powerbank with only a 10,000Mah battery.

Promate 100 Powerstation

The Promate 100 is capable of charging a smartphone six times via the USB port, powering an LED television for two hours, a laptop for four to six hours, and an electric fan for an hour and a half. While the LED light on the side can be used for 100 hours.

It's a useful device especially during power outages, now you can use your electric fan, or even watch TV until the power is restored that is something that you cant do on your standard powerbank.

This powerstation is also a great power backup to have when traveling especially those long trips to the province where you don't know if there is a stable power source, it can be used on the car, bus, or even on the plane.

Using the powerstation is easy, just press the DC button for USB ports or the AC button for about 5 seconds to activate, the icon for the USB and AC will be shown on the LED display together with the battery capacity.

Promate 100 Powerstation

The Promate 100 works as advertised, we're able to charge two smartphones at the same time and watch on our LED TV for more than 1 hour before the battery is drained. We also brought it on our trip out town camping, and the LED light was very useful during the night to light our tent and charge our smartphones.

Promate 100 Powerstation

We also put it to the test during a power outage at home, we used the Promate 100 to power our modem to keep the internet connection and we're able to continue working and the kids were able to do school activities until the power was restored.

The powerstation has an internal fan that activates automatically when the ac socket is in use, which helps to keep it cool and protects it from overheating.

The powerstation can be used to power small appliances such as a desk fan, LED TV, radio, speakers, and modem, but it cannot be used to power high-voltage appliances such as gaming laptops, printers, hairdryers, and other high-powered devices.

Battery Life
The 26,400mAh battery works well in powering TV, laptops, and charging other devices such as cameras, smartwatches, Nintendo Switch, smartphones, and even powerbanks.

Promate 100 Powerstation

Using the powerstation to power an electric fan with a 16-inch blade can only last for one hour, this is because the electric fan consumes more power compared to a 14-inch laptop or a 32-inch LED TV.

The powerstation can be charged via the supplied AC adapter, or via a Type-C port. The max input voltage is 18-20v 45W and it takes about 6 hours to charge the battery from 0% to 100%. The battery indicator will show the battery for easy monitoring.

The power station cannot be used while it is charging; also, ensure that it is switched off; additionally, if an alarm sounds, immediately cease using the power station. Also, make sure to stop charging when it got too hot or over 60 degrees. It does have some overcharging protection and discharge protection.

Large battery capacity
Capable of powering home appliance
Can charge multiple devices
LED Light
Overheat protection

Pricey compared to standard powerbank
Plastic built
Heavy on bag
It takes a long time to charge

Final Thoughts
If you're looking for a portable backup power source that can charge smartphones and other gadgets in addition to powering basic home appliances, the Promate 100 Powerstation may be the right choice for you. It's a portable power source that you can take anywhere and charge practically any device as well as power small household appliances like an LED TV and desk fan. It's the ideal travel companion for anyone who enjoys camping, mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities. But if you need a more powerful powerstation you might want to check the Promate 240s Powerstation.

The Promate 100 Powerstation is priced at ₱12,999 and its available on Lazada

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