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HidrateSpark TAP, Smart Water Bottle now Available

HidrateSpark TAP

The HidrateSpark TAP smart water bottle, which monitors your water consumption via the HidrateSpark App and glows to remind you to drink, is now available at Digital Walker and Beyond the Box.

HidrateSpark TAP

Its innovative Tap to Track feature automatically updates your water consumption on the HidrateSpark App when your smartphone is tapped to the NFC Tag. You can choose from stainless steel or Tritan plastic body, with 20 oz, 24 oz, or 32 oz capacity, and a Chug or Straw Lid.

Add some color to your hydration by selecting one of the seven preset glow colors that will illuminate every hour for a 12-hour period, assisting you in staying on track and developing a long-lasting hydration habit.

A simple press button interface located on the bottom of the bottle enables you to effortlessly plan your daily glow reminders, snooze your next glow, and change your glow hue. Maintaining your hydration goal is simple with our Tap to Track technology. Additionally, the bottle has a changeable battery.

HidrateSpark TAP Features:

⦁ Tap to Track Technology
⦁ Shatter proof and odor resistant
⦁ Glow, Drink, Track
⦁ Downloadable App via Android and IOS
⦁ Tracks your daily water intake
⦁ Glowing reminders to drink every 12 hours, repeats daily
⦁ Replaceable battery
⦁ Connects to Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Withings
⦁ Apple Health & Google Fit Integration
⦁ Glow Color Selection
⦁ BPA Free

The price of the HidrateSpark TAP smart water bottle is as follows:

20oz Stainless Steel - ₱2,190
24oz Tritan Plastic - ₱1,590
32oz Tritan Plastic - ₱1,890

You can also enjoy 10% OFF on select water bottles on the official LazMall and Shopee Mall page HidrateSpark Tap. It's also available Online on the Digital Walker website -

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