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Pokémon Kids TV's 1st Anniversary with Cat’s Kitchen “Sweets Paradise”

Pokémon Kids TV

Pokémon Kids TV celebrated its first anniversary. This is an official Pokémon YouTube learning channel that features a variety of educational and entertaining content for children, including Pokémon songs, nursery rhymes, and informative videos.

Pokémon Kids TV

Pokémon Kids TV also highlights the game's growing popularity among children worldwide, having surpassed 2 million subscribers and accumulated more than 60 million total views in less than a year.

To commemorate the anniversary, Pokémon Kids TV collaborated with renowned Chinese video maker duo Cat's Kitchen to create a series of live-action CGI videos dubbed "Pokémon Sweets Paradise. The anime depicts the warm daily life of a man who cohabits with Pokémon and depicts the process of creating sweets.

Thanks to the series' popularity in China, it will be translated into English and made available on the Pokémon Kids TV YouTube channel. There are three episodes in total, with the first in March, the second in April, and the third in May. Along with English localization, Thai, Indonesian, and Hindi subtitles will be added in the hopes that more children and parents from different regions would become familiar with Pokémon.

Pokémon Kids TV

 Cat's Kitchen is a well-known video creator team from China that focuses on food-related content. Since its inception in 2013, the team has amassed over 60 million followers and 78 billion video views in China. Lao Dao, the entrepreneur, who appears in the film as himself, has garnered widespread acclaim for his affectionate homemade meals and warm atmosphere. Additionally, the channel intends to partner with diverse producers and produce videos in a variety of genres in the future. You may subscribe to Cat's Kitchen on YouTube.

Apart from "Pokémon Sweets Paradise," the channel plans to localize additional Pokémon songs in languages such as Thai, Indonesian, and Hindi, with the song "Pi-Pi-Pi-Pi-Pikachu" serving as a trial project. The song "Pi-Pi-Pi-Pi-Pikachu" is now available in the following languages: (Thai version), (Indonesia version), (Hindi version).

Pokémon Kids TV is the official Pokémon YouTube learning channel, where you’ll find videos geared towards kids. The channel provides content such as Pokémon sing-along with videos, popular nursery rhymes, and educational content, designed to foster learning among Pokémon-loving children.

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