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Vivo Y21T Turbocharged Gaming Gaming Smartphone

Vivo Y21T

It’s time for casual players to feel like pros with this much-needed gaming smartphone upgrade from Vivo. The turbocharged Y21T will take everyone’s gaming experience to the next level for the best value.

Vivo Y21T

Everybody wants a capable smartphone that can play mobile games without lag, and Vivo delivered with the Y21T to meet this demand. Its "turbocharged" specs promise to offer gamers the boost they need to improve their performance and potentially win more games.

Here’s why the Y21T is the buff every gamer needs:

Saying goodbye to frame drops and lag
Lag is a gamer's worst enemy, especially during a battle. The Y21T has a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 Chipset with 4+1 GB Extended RAM and 128GM ROM installed, as well as Multi-Turbo 5.0, which boosts processor systems and network connectivity to give a lag-free gaming experience. Its 90Hz display ensures highly responsive gameplay. During battles, players will have seamless movement and quick reactions. These features will also improve the user experience and prevent screen stuttering when switching apps.

Keeping the power to 100%
Mobile games can quickly deplete a phone's battery, while still playing. With 8-hour battery life and 18W Fast Charging, the Y21T has you covered. The Vivo Energy Guardian (VEG) also aids in conserving power without affecting the performance.

No disturbing your flow
The Y21T offers an Ultra Game Mode that disables background calls and hides pop-up alerts. This keeps players focused on their games and aware of their opponents' movements.

Lightweight gaming experience
Efficiency requires comfort. It's tough to control characters and surroundings if a phone is too heavy or too loose in the hands. With this in mind, Vivo created the Y21T only 8.0mm thick and 182g, making it a true compact smartphone.

All these specs can give casual and professional gamers the confidence to play their best with the Y21T. For just P10,999 on Lazada and Shopee, they can have a turbocharged gaming phone with exceptional 50MP rear and 8MP front cameras for the best value possible. Go ahead and play away!

With all of these specs, the Y21T can give both amateur and professional gamers the confidence in performing at their highest level. You can get the Vivo Y21T for just ₱10,999 on Vivo's official store in Lazada and Shopee. 

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