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Cherry Home Smart Air Purifier SAP 600 now Available

Cherry Home Smart Air Purifier SAP 600

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, air purifiers have become increasingly popular, with nearly every home vying for one. As we stay longer into the New Normal, this essential only grew a lot better.

Air purifiers, it is not one of those overhyped fads that finally faded away, as these new normal devices are indeed worthy of the attention. This essential home appliances now have more features that prove them worthy to be part of our household. The Cherry Home Smart Air Purifier SAP 600 is one of many new air purifiers from CHERRY that aim to improve your health and safety at home.

This new air purifier, like its predecessors, is capable of removing up to 99% of SARS-COV2 (COVID) and other airborne viruses and is similarly fitted with an H13 HEPA Filter. This essential is enhanced with a Washable Mesh Filter, Granular Activated Carbon Filter, and Built-In Ionizer, as CHERRY is committed to giving your family the highest level of safety. It effectively maintains clean air with a CADR of 350 m3/h and may cover an area or room of 30 square meters.

True to its name, it can be controlled and monitored via the Cherry Home application which can be downloaded for free on your Android and iOS smartphones.

The Cherry Home Smart Air Purifier SAP 600 is available at a 10% discount until May 31, 2022. you can get it for only ₱6,300 at Cherry Shop PH: 

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