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Viu Premium Powered by PLDT Home has all the Raging Drama

Viu Premium by PLDT

The Broken Marriage Vow has log houses that we wish our parents had, a Baguio pine trees, and mountain views. Every episode is a trend. One of the most popular shows on Viu, which you can watch for less with a PLDT Home Viu Premium subscription.

David Ilustre's affair with Lexy Lucero may have destroyed Dr. Jill Victorino's (Jodi Sta. Maria) marriage (Sue Ramirez). As we see Tara's stressful and tragic times, we think, "Let's travel to Baguio!" We're likewise charmed by the Summer Capital's sights. Reluctant to travel?

Here are some of the show's most iconic filming sites you can visit.

Viu Premium by PLDT

Burnham Park

Burnham Park is the most well-known park in Baguio, and it is located in the city's heart. Here, you can go boating in vibrant swan boats, watch people along the lake, and even ride a bicycle. If you’re Dr. Jill, however, the park designed by Daniel Burnham may just be the perfect place for you to take a walk to clear your mind — and maybe plan your revenge after discovering your husband is into some monkey business.

Viu Premium by PLDT

Camp John Hay
Camp John Hay, which is surrounded by pine trees, fresh air, and the most amazing log cabins, is an absolute must-see for anybody visiting Baguio. Enjoy the lush scenery and dine at Chef Billie King's Le Chef Restaurant at the Manor to truly complete the restorative effect of the surrounding nature. Camp John Hay is much more than a refuge for our The Broken Marriage Vow family; in fact, it's where the majority of the action unfolds.

Viu Premium by PLDT

White House of the Lord of Aromas
In reality, fragrance tycoon Joel Cruz resides in the White House of the Lord of Scents in Camp John Hay. Although it is not a public tourist site, its characteristic floor-to-ceiling windows that accentuate its sweeping spiral staircase have made it an attraction in its own right. This is also the location of the show's most iconic moment, known informally as the batukan scene. Jill, aware that her husband is cheating on her with the daughter of the affluent Luceros, decides to host a confrontational dinner at the Luceros' home.

Viu Premium by PLDT

Baguio Golf and Country Club
This is where Lexy Lucero's parents frequently meet Jill, either as friends having lunch together or, in later episodes, as adversaries trading barbs because they are too civilized to go to war. The 117-year-old landmark not only delivers the best raisin bread and banana bread in the country, but also some of the most stunning views in Baguio!

Viu Premium by PLDT

Kennon Road 
Kennon Road is one of the most treacherous roadways in the country, despite its lovely appearance. The tiny route is flanked by cliffs, resulting in an extremely steep drop if one is not careful. The sadness that winds through this beauty mirrors the ostensibly beautiful Ilustre family's eventual surrendering to their own difficulties.

Gio confronts his mother for not having time for him in a scene filmed along Kennon Road, as Jill tries to calm him. Jill quickly recognizes the enormity of the problem, which is now affecting her troubled kid. It is a heartbreaking moment that focuses on how children are frequently the most vulnerable members of a shattered family.

The Broken Marriage Vow's directors Connie Macatuno and Andoy Ranay's deft handling of the show's more sensitive subject matter is a source of comfort.

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