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Here are Five Tips to Help you Succeed on YouTube

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Succeed on YouTube

If you want to earn money on YouTube, you must understand how it works. Smart Communications Inc. and YouTube recently held the NextUp Philippines Webinar Series for aspiring content creators and vloggers.

Hosted by content creator and talent manager Jako De Leon, the three-part event assembled YouTube gurus, NextUp program graduates, and industry luminaries to teach Filipino content creators about community involvement, brand partnership, content optimization, and creation.

Think like a new viewer
The homepage of YouTube, a leading source of traffic to videos, ranks videos according to performance and personalization. This means that your video can be easily offered to visitors who visit the homepage alongside other quality material.

Andrea advises, "Make the thumbnail clear and easy to see on desktop and mobile devices, and maintain a consistent title and thumbnail style." Displaying the video's topic clarifies what viewers may expect, encouraging them to click on your video regardless of where they see it.

Upload consistently
Arguably, the greatest strategy to keep traffic to your videos is to encourage your audience to expect a routine of content uploads, so that they can build expectations on a given day of the week or time.

Andrea advises, "Create consistency and a routine for your viewers so they know when to return to your channel." This is a simple method for maintaining their interest over time. “It’s good to upload frequently, but consistency is better than frequency.”

Create a series
Other than the Homepage, one of the major sources of traffic on YouTube are the suggested videos that display on the sidebar of a currently-playing video, enticing the viewer to continue watching.

One approach to utilize this feature is to produce a series of shorter videos so that the viewer is always watching your videos. This is because the function typically recommends videos from the same creator. As long as you have a substantial amount of videos on your channel, both the suggested videos and the "up next" function are likely to play more of your videos as the user continues to watch.

End with a call-to-action to watch more
A simple way to continue driving traffic to your content is to include a call to action at the end of your videos encouraging viewers to watch more from your channel.

A call-to-action is a brief and simple reminder to the audience that there is additional content on your channel, particularly if it is on the same or a related topic. It is a subconscious hint for them to continue exploring, as there is more to discover.

Use playlists and end screens
Take the time to utilize YouTube's additional features to guide your viewers to your videos and keep them watching, especially if you have a significant amount of content. Create playlists of related videos to guarantee that your audience watches as much of your content as possible, particularly if there is something to be learned in-depth.

Utilize the end screen option for your individual videos to suggest further videos the audience should watch. It can also be related videos or a new video you're trying to promote; it's entirely up to you. Providing them with options will go a long way toward maintaining their interest.

The NextUp Philippines Webinar Series is a collaboration between Smart and YouTube to provide growth opportunities for Filipinos to discover and cultivate their passions.

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