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Consumers continue to favor Digital Banking, but Security Remains a major Concern


Recent reports of phishing schemes have renewed concerns about the safety of digital banking transactions. While technology advances to provide safer banking experiences, scammers and fraudsters are improving their online deception techniques.

Despite this, an increasing number of individuals are opting for digital banking, with digital payments becoming the preferred method for online financial transactions in this new norm.

As cybercriminals become bolder, there is an even greater need for increased security against cybercrime in light of this development. When it comes to online financial transactions, consumers today expect more from service providers in terms of promoting increased cybersecurity awareness.


Komo, the fully digital banking service that includes all the essential features of an online banking platform, is at the forefront of the competition. With a few taps on the app, Komo enables users to fulfill their everyday banking demands with ease, convenience, and, most importantly, safety.

Komo, backed by Eastwest's decades of banking expertise, is no lightweight when it comes to performance, establishing a new standard for fully safe online financial transactions. Komo masterfully combines digital convenience with robust financial security, allowing customers to ensure that all app-based activities are secure and uncompromised.

Komo puts users in control of their money in the easiest, most secure way, starting with the app's savings account creation. The feature-rich app allows users to watch and monitor all their transactions in real-time at a glance and to instantly freeze their free VISA Debit Card in case of loss or fraudster encounters. This function prevents unauthorized ATM withdrawals, POS swipes, and online purchases. Komo's user-friendly interface makes transferring funds or paying bills easy. While OTPs give the first layer of protection, biometrics allows you to log on when SMS OTPs take too long.

Having the app easily accessible also eliminates the need to visit a bank branch or ATM, or even phone a helpline, in order to lock a card or change a PIN, ensuring that the account is secured quickly, regardless of location.

Visit Apple's App Store, Google's Play Store, Huawei's App Gallery, or Oppo's App Market to download the Komo app on your smartphone. With a single valid ID and biometric security, you can create a Komo savings account and begin enjoying the service's extensive and secure features.

Digital banking is no longer a buzzword – it’s today’s reality. With Komo, you can enjoy total control of your finances and the ease and convenience of online banking without worry.

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