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HONOR Ready to Dominate the Filipino market and Overcome Huawei’s Shadows


Since HONOR's independence and official return to the Philippines, the consumer technology brand disclosed its future product lines and R&D facility. The separation allowed the brand to invest more in technology without sacrificing sub-brand learning.
Huawei formerly owned HONOR, except for the smartphone business. HONOR promises to provide the Filipino market with a fresh software experience, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other Internet of Things (IoT) products supported by its own Research and Development Facility.

With Huawei's standards and Google's assistance, HONOR is expected to provide feature-rich consumer products without a hitch.

In light of the strong similarities between Huawei and HONOR products, the inclusion of Google Mobile Services is being questioned by consumers. The absence of Google has reduced the desirability of HONOR and Huawei phones in countries with the highest usage of Google Apps. According to Statista, Android is utilized by about 90 percent of smartphone users in the Philippines.

In October 2021, HONOR unveiled the first smartphone with GMS, the HONOR 50, helping the brand become the third-biggest smartphone sales in China. All HONOR phones, from inexpensive to midrange to foldable, have Google Apps and services. HONOR X series, HONOR 70, and HONOR Magic Series are the smartphone lineups that the Filipino market is eyeing to grab in Q4 2022.


HONOR’s rise to the top
An IDC analysis from Q2 2022 stated that HONOR is now China's top smartphone brand with a 19.5% market share, up 88.6% from the same period last year and 8.8% from the preceding quarter. 

According to IDC, the brand's overall positioning in various categories helped it establish domination with the new HONOR 70 series. The Changwan 30 Series and The Play 6 series met the needs of the entry-level category, and the Magic 4 series helped Honor strengthen its share of the US$600 high-end segment. Honor just unveiled its first self-funded plant to manufacture high-quality premium products.


Automated Arm at the HONOR Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park
Automation, digitization, and smart technology are the Park's production pillars. The Park's automated production line minimizes human error. 

More than 40% of the automated production equipment is developed in-house, demonstrating the Park's R&D and manufacturing integration. All critical production equipment supports digital control systems, allowing HONOR to better manage the production line and increase product quality.

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