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Logitech G G502 X Series Gaming Mouse: Icon, Reinvented

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Logitech G G502 X Series Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G G502 X gaming mouse is the redesigned version of the world's most popular gaming mouse, combining the G502's renowned performance with cutting-edge gaming technologies.

Logitech G G502 X Series Gaming Mouse

The G502 X retains the essence and defining characteristics of the G502 while incorporating the newest advancements in gaming technology. Providing exceptional gaming performance with LIGHTFORCE hybrid switches and enhanced comfort across a wide range of hand sizes and grip types.

The G502 X is equipped with a LIGHTFORCE Hybrid Switch. The brand-new hybrid optical switches are incredibly fast and dependable, as well as precise and responsive. LIGHTFORCE is a new microswitch technology that combines the performance and durability benefits of optical switches with the required actuation feel of mechanical switches.

Logitech G G502 X Series Gaming Mouse

Hyperfast Scroll Wheel is an added functionality. Spin the wheel freely in hyperfast mode, or press the button to switch to ratcheted mode for accurate scrolling. In addition, the left and right tilt controls are fully customizable.

The redesigned DPI-Shift Button fits different hand sizes and grip styles. G502 X glides with control. PTFE feet glide with optimal surface area and are balanced for a frictionless feel and ultimate control.

G502 X uses HERO 25K Sensor tracking. It boasts 1:1 sub-micron accuracy, no smoothing, filtering, or acceleration, and 5 chosen sensitivities with G HUB software.

When paired with LIGHTFORCE, response times are 68% faster than the previous generation. The LIGHTSPEED wireless protocol update lets gamers connect two devices to one receiver utilizing G HUB's Device Pairing Tool. Players can use the same receiver as their Logitech G915, G915 TKL, or G715 keyboards.

G502 X is compatible with Logitech G POWERPLAY wireless charging mats for extended battery life. It weighs 89 grams (3.14 oz) thanks to its thin-wall exoskeleton, lighter scroll wheel, and more.

The G502 X is is priced at ₱4,699., while the G502 X Lightspeed is available for ₱8,499 and G502 X Plus is priced at ₱9,999. Its available at the Logitech G Official Store in Shopee, Logitech G Flagship Store in Lazada, as well as at partner stores PC Express, Silicon Valley, DataBlitz, iTech, Techwarez, GameXtreme, TTI, GameOne, and Gameline.

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