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PLDT Home Offer MyOwnWifi: Here's How to Get Your Own Dedicated WiFi!

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PLDT Home Offer MyOwnWifi

Want your own WiFi so you don't have to share with the family? MyOwnWifi is PLDT Home's latest offer. This first-of-its-kind add-on allows Fiber customers to have a secondary internet connection with the same speeds as their Fiber base plan.

MyOwnWifi allows single heavy bandwidth users to get maximum modem speed without hogging the connection for others. MyOwnWifi offers the same speeds at half the standard plan pricing.

A Secondary Fiber Connection at 50% off
Subscribers can get 400 Mbps speeds for P649 on any Fiber or Fiber Plus plan, half the monthly service fee. New MyOwnWifi subscribers will get a Wifi Mesh device for free.

PLDT Home Fiber Plans include Fiber Unli and Fiber Plus. Both plans offer fast internet speeds intended for connected homes, while the latter includes Mesh Wifi devices for large households that need whole-home wifi coverage.

PLDT Home Offer MyOwnWifi
DIY and hassle-free connection
No installation is needed with MyOwnWifi. Upon successful subscription, users can connect MyOwnWifi to LAN Port 2 of their existing modem to enjoy the same speeds as their current subscription. Simply plug, play, and enjoy MyOwnWifi.

The add-on will be added to their current subscription bill, enabling a seamless and hassle-free payment process without numerous bills and billing cycles.

MyOwnWifi is the latest innovation from PLDT Home, which has been the Philippines' fastest ISP for five years.

To learn more about how to get your own MyOwnWifi, watch this video or visit

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