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Synology 2023

Synology announced new solutions that enable businesses to achieve more, become more resilient, and better manage IT challenges through hybrid cloud solutions and an expanding ecosystem of tightly integrated solutions.

Data management, data protection, and IT infrastructure security innovations across all products have raised the bar for reliability, security, and scalability.

Synology 2023

Data management An even more secure foundation
DSM 7.2, expected to be released in early 2023, will include full-volume encryption, which will provide stronger security and enhance storage speed by 48% compared to shared folder-based encryption. DSM 7.2 will also include WORM (write once, read many) files.

These tamper-resistant folders block the modification or deletion of data for a specified period of time. Similar to Hyper Backup's new immutable backups, which prohibit any changes after creation, they safeguard data from ransomware and other cyber threats.

Share and collaborate with ease
Updates to Synology's private cloud offering, Synology Drive, make file sharing across teams more secure by incorporating watermarks and download rules. Remote wipe capabilities reduce security threats by erasing synchronized folders from stolen Windows and macOS device clients. Automatic login with AD credentials following mass deployment, as well as the provisioning of backup and syncing tasks, make mass deployment simpler.

Cross-protocol file locking between SMB file shares and Synology Drive prevents overwriting of in-use files. In addition, SMB multichannel transfer functionality utilizes all available network connections between servers and clients to significantly improve SMB file transfer performance.

Next-generation storage servers
New scale-out file and object storage systems launch in 2023. Scale-out clusters will be faster than Synology's largest solutions, with near-linear scaling of performance and capabilities.

First-generation scale-out systems will enable clusters of up to 60 servers, 12 PB of effective storage, 60 GB/s sequential write throughput, and 80,000 concurrent connections. The clusters will have 99.99% availability and feature Hyper Backup and Active Backup.

Synology 2023

Data protection Worldwide backup management
A new management platform for Active Backup and C2 Backup intends to offer seamless backup management, deployment, and monitoring regardless of location or scale. The new platform combines on-premises and cloud-based Synology solutions, giving IT managers and MSPs the best capabilities to secure and recover any device or service.

Synology 2023

Video surveillance AI-powered cameras
Synology 500 Series IP cameras will launch in early 2023 with superior performance, security, and integration. Surveillance Station will control all camera settings. Edge AI capabilities, such as incursion detection zones, free up recording server resources for bigger AI-powered deployments. Dedicated processing speeds up persons and vehicle searches anywhere in the video frame.

Synology 500 Series cameras use 5 MP sensors for 16:9, 3K (2880x1620) 30 FPS recording. PoE and IP67 weatherproof cameras are allowed inside or outdoor deployment. Synology 500-series cameras are NDAA/TAA compliant and developed for security, introducing similar security advancements and hardening approaches as enterprise products.

Hybrid-cloud services Automated breach and misuse detection
Active Insight will soon prevent data protection breaches automatically. The new data loss protection tool monitors user logins, file access, sharing task creation, and file checksums. The system can deliver alerts or disconnect ransomware-suspected clients when thresholds or rules are triggered.

Securing devices and credentials
The Synology C2 Identity platform focuses on combining security and ease. C2 Identity will be updated in 2023 to allow passwordless logins to the internet and local services and devices. C2 Identity's endpoints are straightforward to authenticate with Windows Hello and Apple's Face ID/Touch ID.

With a future C2 Identity user interface, employees utilizing managed endpoints may seamlessly sign in to SAML-supporting online services, with the option to enable 2FA for sensitive services like ERP or CRM systems.

Synology 2023

Networking A new Wi-Fi 6 router with advanced networking features
The new WRX560, built on SRM 1.3, offers the same high-end network management functions as the RT6600ax at a lower price. WRX560 can be used as a mesh node for any RT6600ax router or as a standalone solution for homes and offices.

For more details, feel free to check out Synology 2023 event:

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