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Activate Lionsgate Play Subscription to Get Closer to Your Home Movie Theater Dreams

Lionsgate Play

With its exclusive partnership with premium streaming platform Lionsgate Play, PLDT Home is bringing its customers one step closer to the home entertainment of their dreams just in time for the holidays.

Every month from now until December 31, 2022, PLDT Home will raffle off different smart home entertainment devices. By activating the free Lionsgate Play voucher code included with their PLDT Home internet subscription, customers can join the raffle for a chance to win a smart OLED TV, a portable smart home projector, and a smart TV stick to transform their homes into an immersive movie theater.

Lionsgate Play

Customers can now better enjoy Hollywood blockbusters like the John Wick series, the Hunger Games franchise, and the Saw films – all available on Lionsgate Play.

There will be three (3) Samsung Freestyle Projectors up for grabs in November for PLDT Home subscribers. The portable Samsung Freestyle Projector can play booming and clear Premium 360 sound and project a 100-inch display at any angle on any flat and clean surface, turning your movie nights into a theatrical experience. Stream your favorite shows and movies with ease thanks to the Smart TV features included in this cutting-edge device.

Meanwhile, PLDT Home subscribers in December 2022 will have the chance to win a 65-inch LG OLED TV, a Xiaomi Stick, and the second year of Lionsgate Play. Enjoy ultra-high resolution 4K content from Lionsgate Play and next-gen video games on the LG 65" OLED TV's vibrant screen. You can play video from the Xiaomi Stick on any TV with an HDMI port by downloading and using one of many available streaming apps.

To join the raffle, follow these easy steps:

1. Check your email and SMS for your exclusive Lionsgate Play voucher code from PLDT Home.

2. Go to to activate your subscription. Create your account and input the voucher code.

3. Once your subscription is activated, you will automatically qualify for the raffle. If you have not received your voucher code, visit and sign-up.

4. Log on to for the announcement of winners.

Every Lionsgate Play activation allows every PLDT Home subscriber to stream hundreds of content for free until June 1, 2023. The hottest original series to stream on the app include the gritty crime soap Power, the political show Gaslit, the period drama The Serpent Queen, and the newly launched historical romance series Dangerous Liaisons – with even more waiting to be discovered on the platform.

Enjoy a better home viewing experience at home with Lionsgate Play, exclusive in the Philippines through PLDT Home. To learn more about Lionsgate Play, visit

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