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AIA Innovation Lab, Revolutionizes Its Services

AIA Innovation Lab

AIA Philippines constantly adapts to meet consumer needs. AIA Philippines' innovation lab, the company's framework of innovation that incorporates its workforce, ecosystem, and culture, innovates and creates solutions to offer comfort and convenience to the ecosystems it serves.

AIA Innovation Lab

Innovation plays a substantial role in the success of any organization, which is why AIA Philippines is redoubling its efforts to enhance and develop new platforms that will be utilized by consumers and employees.

AIA Innovation Lab

“Innovation will be the lifeblood of any industry – as an example, progress in InsurTech and FinTech is already changing the life insurance landscape in terms of product development and how these are served to customers,” AIA Philippines Chief Technology Officer Noel Mendoza said. “As part of AIA and customers of AIA, we just have to look at our own experiences and see how the companies around us have started to adapt to the changing needs and realities in our market.”

AIA's methods of working across technology, digital, and analytics projects, known as the "Innovation Lab," have paved the way for several groundbreaking initiatives, such as the AYA chatbot for AIA Philippines and the Bessy chatbot for BPI AIA, as well as workflow protocols that have revolutionized AIA's ability to provide customers with easy online access to the company's products and services and to equip financial advisors with effective tools that help them better serve their clients.

The Innovation Lab is a key component of AIA Philippines' strategy to offer game-changing solutions that would help not only its employees and clients but all Filipinos. The initiative's focus is on leveraging technology to facilitate the insurance industry's cultural transformation toward a more person-centered model.

To ensure that the AIA brand's website, apps, or internal programs are user-friendly, the AIA innovation team conducts intensive research and development using human-centered design principles.

In the assessment phase, the team generates ideas and decides whether or not they meet the criteria of viability, desirability, and feasibility, the three pillars around which AIA Philippines is founded.

In order to determine the optimal course of action before making a substantial investment, teams often conduct extensive testing and iterative improvements on multiple prototypes during the Design and Test phase.

The projects are optimized for maximum efficiency in the last phase, called "Operate and Improve." All the solutions developed by AIA Philippines go through these steps to guarantee they are useful and accessible, and ultimately improve customer service.

Kelvin Ang, AIA Philippines Chief Executive Officer, stated in closing: “Technology, Digital, and Analytics (or TDA as we call it) are at the backbone of our strategies at AIA Philippines, and as such, requires us to make innovation deeply rooted in our culture as an organization. As TDA continues to permeate the various aspects of our business, it will be the enabler that will help us bring to life our Purpose of helping more Filipinos live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.”

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