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Brankas Open, World 1st Open-Source Banking-as-a-Service License


Open Finance technology leader Brankas has developed "Brankas Open," the first open-source license for the next generation of Banking-as-a-Service and Open Finance software.

The "Brankas Open" license is designed to encourage digital banking and fintech innovation and lower the cost barriers for startups, neobanks, and even traditional institutions to quickly prototype and deploy new solutions while preserving their own source code. As a result of organizations' ability to freely use, alter, redistribute, and collaborate on the publicly available Brankas Open code, customers will have a better range of choices and an enhanced user experience.

The inspiration for Brankas Open came when Brankas received a grant from the Monetary Authority of Singapore in November 2021 to develop Brankas APIX Open Core, a proof-of-concept open-source core banking system.

Recognizing the need for a modernized Open-Source framework to address new Open Finance technology, Brankas looked to existing open-source licensing frameworks in order to develop Brankas Open. Brankas felt that this framework was necessary to protect community contributions, ensure open access, and comply with financial institutions’ data protection and security requirements.


“Brankas Open license allows our team to build and contribute in a way that is fair, equitable, and open to independent developers, Financial Institutions, and to our partners. With this license, Brankas is able to continue to invest in the greater open-source community, and to share our code freely with the world,” stated Brankas co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Kenneth Shaw Brankas has been advised by Ren Jun Lim, Alex Toh, and Darren Leong from Baker McKenzie's Singapore-based Intellectual Property and Technology (IPTech) practice group.

The Brankas Open license is available on the Brankas website at: and on Github at

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