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Beyond The Box and Digital Waker 12.12 Christmas Sale

Beyond The Box and Digital Waker

With Christmas quickly approaching, people are rushing to buy gifts for their loved ones, as well as for themselves. If you're looking for tech gifts, Beyond The Box and Digital Walker are your best bets for great deals on gadgets.

Beyond The Box and Digital Waker

Check out awesome deals at Beyond The Box 12.12 Christmas Sale worth up to ₱15,000 off on select products on its official website and e-commerce stores on both Lazada and Shopee from December 12-14, 2022.

BTB in Lazada's 12.12 Grand Pamasko Sale offers discounts up to ₱15,000. Select products get a tremendous 30% discount and 40% if you buy two. Select covers and screen protectors are 50% off with any iPhone purchase. Shopee's 12.12 Mega Pamasko Sale offers up to ₱14,000. Select products will also be available at ₱1,212 across all platforms.

Beyond The Box and Digital Waker

The Digital Walker Super Walker offers up to ₱6,500 discount on both the official website and on Lazada and Shopee, as well.

When you buy two items, your one-stop gadget shop offers a 12% discount across all platforms. For every pair of Shokz headphones purchased on the official website, buyers will receive a ₱490 AfterShokz drawstring bag. Lazada is giving customers a free case with every pair of 1More Colorbuds, Colorbud 2, Sabbat X12, E12, and G12.

Free wireless chargers will come with Lypertek Pureplay 27 units. Shopee offers the same freebies, plus a free Amazfit Sports Bag with every Amazfit T-Rex Pro Smartwatch purchase and up to ₱2,490 worth of free filters for every Momax Purifier sold.

You won't want to miss the significant price cuts on devices, accessories, and other electronics from Marshall, Audioengine, Fitbit, Nothing, UAG, Momax, and HidrateSpark.

With Marshall's 35% off select products and a ₱112 voucher for a minimum expenditure of ₱5,000 on Lazada and Shopee, you can enjoy not-so-quiet nights. The first 30 customers that buy Stanmore II, Emberton, Uxbridge Google, Stockwell II, Uxbridge Alexa, Tufton, Willen, Emberton II, and Acton II will receive a special premium merch set worth ₱2,660.

Lazada offers savings of up to ₱2,600 on select Audioengine products. For a minimum spend of ₱5,000 per day during the Christmas sale, a ₱112 voucher can be claimed. The first six customers who buy an Audioengine A2+, HD3, or A1 Home Music System will receive a 30% discount on their DS1 or DS1M Desktop Speaker Stand.

Fitbit products on Lazada and Shopee are up to 50% discounted. Customers can save 12% on select Fitbit fitness trackers and smart scales when they buy two. Fitbit offers a free ₱490 tote bag with the first 20 smartwatch orders.

With up to ₱2,000 discount and a ₱112 voucher with no minimum spend, now is the time to get a Phone. Bumper case, toughened glass, and adapter accessories for your new Phone will also be 12% discount. Lazada and Shopee have the same offers.

UAG is offering up to 55% off various cases on Lazada on 12.12. We're also offering 30% off when you buy one and 40% off when you buy two on select goods. With a minimum ₱4,000 spent, get a ₱112 voucher to maximize savings.

Momax sells smart devices and other accessories. With a minimum spend of ₱4,500, Lazada offers up to P3,200 off select products and an exclusive ₱112 voucher. When you buy two Momax products, you can save ₱512. A Momax Purifier comes with a complimentary filter worth up to ₱2,490.

Finally, try HidrateSpark's smart hydration. ' It's time to hydrate! HidrateSpark is giving away up to ₱300 in vouchers and discounts. For every two HidrateSpark TAP purchased on Lazada and Shopee, receive another 5% discount. Lazada gives you a free ₱490 tote bag when you buy a HidrateSpark PRO.

If you’re on a mission to tick all the boxes in your Christmas gift list, seize the chance to score great tech deals at the country's leading tech curator and digital lifestyle stores, Beyond The Box and Digital Walker.
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