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OnePlus Celebrates 9th Anniversary by Highlighting Co-creation with Community


In keeping with its "Never Settle" brand promise, OnePlus has always put its customers first, taking their feedback into account before releasing any new products.

OnePlus has made a concerted effort to collaborate with its worldwide customer base, and the two parties have effectively established an inclusive online community in which they support, debate, and educate one another. OnePlus uses customer comments to spur it on in its never-ending quest for improvement and innovation.

OnePlus, driven by the community for superior digital life
Power of Community is a user-centric, long-term community and co-creation brand initiative. Users are involved in all phases of research and development, design, and product refinement, and their feedback enables OnePlus to continuously enhance its products. Customers adore co-designed water bottles and silver jackets, which are successful examples of these co-creation brand ventures.


In order to excite the community, OnePlus also held the inaugural OnePlus AR Wearables Design Contest, which attracted 50,000 users within two weeks. After pre-selection and nomination by professional designers and product managers, followed by voting by community members, OnePlus community member @Concept Central was awarded the grand prize and the opportunity to co-create a non-functional prototype with Industrial Designers and AR experts from the OPPO Research Institute.

Type away with OnePlus Featuring a mechanical keyboard
This December, OnePlus introduced a brand-new platform called OnePlus Featuring, which is being rolled out globally to support the company's co-creation efforts. 


OnePlus Featuring's first product, which will available in multiple countries,, is a fully-customizable mechanical keyboard. Technical assistance and collaboration are provided by Keychron, an industry partner with the same mission as OnePlus.


The double gasket mount design of this new keyboard will make typing a pleasurable experience that can be maintained throughout the day, whether at work or play. Meanwhile, the keyboard's superior Aluminum body guarantees both its durability and its feel. Weight and durability for long-term use and stability are provided by CNC-manufactured aluminum. The material feels as smooth and refreshing in the hand as a piece of crafted aerolite.


This product supports all the advanced capabilities of the customizable keyboard, including hot-swappable and open-source firmware. Hot-swappable allows users to easily swap out switches, enhancing the playability of the keyboard.

OnePlus aims to provide customers with a truly high-end, configurable keyboard that is also joyous, lively, and visually appealing.

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