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Join Samsung Did You Yawn Challenge, Win Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Series

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Samsung #DidYouYawn Challenge

The Samsung #DidYouYawn Challenge is the latest TikTok challenge to see whether or not you are sleep-deprived by showing video clips of people and animals yawning in an attempt to make you yawn.

You may be told you need more sleep because you yawned, or you may be praised for not yawning because you obviously got enough rest. In any case, the result may be submitted as an official entry to the challenge.

Samsung #DidYouYawn Challenge

Powered by the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Series, the #DidYouYawn challenge aims to raise awareness about the sleep health of young professionals. Frequent yawning can be a sign of sleep debt, which manifests as tiredness throughout the day's active hours. With this, individuals are less likely to complete tasks and more prone to become sidetracked.

The lack of sleep can alleviate a number of additional symptoms of fatigue, including persistent headaches, high blood pressure, and a compromised immune system. But getting a good night's sleep is one of the most effective methods to prevent these health issues.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro are here to serve as your personal wellness companions. Both devices are packed with advanced Sleep Coaching technology that will assist you in better understanding your sleep and establishing healthy sleep-wake patterns. It becomes your 24-hour health guard, assisting you in planning your bedtime and monitoring sleep stages so that you can change bad behaviors and perform at your best.

In addition, the Galaxy Watch5 Series features a powerful BioActive Sensor that monitors holistic health metrics and an integrated Fitness Tracker that identifies over 90 types of activities and makes it easy to commit to exercising.

Join the #DidYouYawn Challenge on TikTok
Don't miss the chance to win a Galaxy Watch5 Series smartwatch and have your own personal wellness buddy! Upload your entry to the #DidYouYawn challenge, tag @samsungph, and include #DidYouYawn and #GalaxyWatch5Series as hashtags. The challenge runs from November 26, 2022, until December 10, 2022, and is open to anyone ages 18 and above.

To qualify, contestants must register and upload a snapshot of their entries to Multiple entries are permitted, provided that each one is registered. Winners will be announced on December 16, 2022.

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