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Cherry Roam Launches Philippines' Only 5G Travel Pocket Wi-Fi

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Cherry Roam

Cherry Roam
 launches the first and only 5G travel pocket Wi-Fi in the Philippines, as the world opens up for travelers to fly across borders. Its 5G connection is ultra-fast and smooth, allowing you to enjoy a seamless online experience.

You can now easily upload videos and photos from any location. Thanks to its speed of up to 2.5Gbps, you can engage in online activities like streaming video and gaming without interruption.

To ensure the best possible data connection, this device is equipped with Instant Network Reselection, which constantly checks all available data networks. It supports up to 16 devices at once, so you can bring everything you could need on the road.

The signal strength, data use, and connected device count are all displayed on the 2.4-inch LCD screen. More than a hundred countries are accessible via its roaming services.

Cherry Roam's power bank function offers a large battery capacity of 5,400mAh to keep your devices running. The Cherry Roam app is just what you need to get your travel plans in order. Regardless of where you roam, the world will always be accessible.

You can rent Cherry Roam at Explore the world with Cherry Roam for ₱15,000, introductory price. To learn more, visit: Cherry Shop PH:
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