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LG OLED Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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LG OLED celebrates its 10th anniversary as a testament to LG's perseverance and innovation. The company first launched OLED TV in 2013 overcoming technical challenges and skepticism from industry experts.
LG invested extensively in this uncharted territory when others switched to other technologies, and the rest is history. In just 10 years, LG OLED has become a premium TV standard thanks to its unmatched contrast, which produces perfect blacks and true-to-life colors, and its unprecedented flexibility and thinness.

LG OLED TV has been ranked the No.1 selling OLED TV Brand for 10 consecutive years by Omdia.

LG OLED has been named the best for a decade. LG OLED's 11 consecutive CES Innovation Awards and numerous "Best TV of the Year" titles and claims of being "the best TV I've ever reviewed," "a true Marvel," and "the king of TVs" began before the company's first OLED TV model was released.LG’s OLED TVs account for 60 percent of all OLED TVs sold worldwide and exceeded 15 million units in terms of cumulative shipments at the end of last year.

After making the first 55-inch Full HD OLED TV for the mass market in 2013, LG has kept coming up with new OLED-optimized hardware and software. Two of the company's first-of-its-kind OLED products are the Wallpaper TV in 2017 and the Rollable TV in 2020. The business released the first 88-inch 8K OLED TV in 2019 and the world's largest 97-inch cordless OLED TV this year. LG's Alpha 9 AI Processors improve the image and sound quality, and the webOS platform enhances use and efficiency.


LG has been the market leader for high-end TVs for 10 years. Through ongoing marketing, the company has promoted OLED's uniqueness and self-lit display technology. LG has been promoting OLED's self-emitting pixels, perfect blacks, vibrant colors, slim design, and numerous form factors in movies, sports, gaming, and art.

In the 2016 "Aurora" commercial, LG's 4K OLED TVs accurately show how beautiful the Northern Lights are. In 2021, LG's "Light Up Your World" campaign, which was made up of a TV ad and four internet movies, showed how LG OLED's user experience made people feel. The global LG OLED ART initiative, which started in 2021, has shown off the amazing picture quality of OLED TVs and how they can be used in new ways for art.


LG has also worked with different lifestyle brands to show how LG OLED TVs improve everyday life. For example, their CES 2023 exhibit with Moooi was a high-end experience that showed how committed LG is to meet the different needs and goals of consumers. During 2022 London Craft Week, LG and the top lifestyle store The Conran Shop showed art inspired by LG OLED evo TVs in Chelsea and Marylebone.

LG has introduced new OLED innovations under the Lifestyle Screen umbrella to deliver a diverse user experience tailored to segmented customer needs and provide next-level lifestyle value. The LG OLED FLEX, a bendable gaming TV, provides a one-size-fits-all solution that can switch between flat and curved displays.

LG pushes the limits of OLED to give consumers new ways to live based on what they value. At CES 2023, LG showed off the 97-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED M, which is the world's first OLED TV that can display an AV signal sent wirelessly at 4K 120Hz, and the OLED T, which has a transparent screen that gives users more room to move around.LG's 9 Gen 6 AI Processor and Brightness Booster Max improve the LG OLED Evo's image quality and performance. WebOS 23 offers the most tailored user experience.

In the next ten years, the company will build on its success and look into the nearly limitless possibilities of its self-lit technology to bring more value to its customers.
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