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Binance Academy Kicked Off Its Southeast Asia University Tour in the Philippines

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Binance Academy

Binance Academy, the educational platform of the world's leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, has completed the first leg of its Southeast Asia University Tour in the Philippines.

The Binance Academy team, along with Kenneth Stern, General Manager of Binance in the Philippines, visited some of the largest universities in the country from April 17 to April 20. During their visit, they had the opportunity to meet with over 1,000 students and staff from various educational institutions such as the Asia Institute of Management, University of Batangas, National University Laguna, Enderun Colleges, and Far Eastern University.

Binance Academy
Binance Academy Roadshow at the University of Batangas

During these visits, Adam Smurthwaite, who is the Content and Partnerships Manager at Binance, conducted introductory training sessions on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Binance Academy collaborated with Yield Guild Games (YGG), a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in NFT gaming projects, to educate the attendees about Web3 gaming and NFTs at National University Laguna. Following the event, the 400 students in attendance collaborated in groups to generate and cultivate creative concepts for gamifying a learning platform. The victorious team was awarded exclusive Binance merchandise as a prize.

Binance Academy
National University Laguna’s students with Adam Smurthwaite and Kenneth Stern

Binance Academy has organized tours in 75 universities across 25 countries with the aim of promoting global literacy and awareness of blockchain and digital currencies. As Binance Academy expands into the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, the Philippines has shown significant growth and interest in the Web3 ecosystem. This is evidenced by a successful implementation of Web3 technology.

The track record of blockchain adoption. It is crucial to bridge the gap in knowledge as this emerging technology develops. This can be achieved by ensuring that users have easy access to information and educational resources.

According to Kenneth Stern, the educational drive is a crucial factor in utilizing the Philippines' potential to emerge as a top blockchain and Web3 hub. During the tour, he expressed that by collaborating to establish the Web3 infrastructure in the Philippines, it would result in the creation of more job opportunities in the field of Web3 and also help in developing a pool of skilled local professionals. This is a great opportunity for young individuals to expand their knowledge about technology and the positive impact it can have on society.

Binance Academy
Kenneth Stern presenting a speech to the students at the University of Batangas

Similarly, Adam Smurthwaite said on tour: “The Philippines is an obvious choice for the first stop of our Binance Academy Asia Tour as we managed to get enthusiastic responses from our university partners to visit and hold training sessions for their students. Although nascent, blockchain technology is not foreign to many Filipinos due to the popularity of GameFi in the country. By holding this tour, we hope to create a good entry point to Web3 for the younger minds.”

Adam Smurthwaite conducting a training session on “Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 101” at National University Laguna

Binance Academy has partnered with Enderun Colleges in the Philippines to expand its educational reach and increase crypto literacy amongst students and educators. For this visit to Enderun Colleges, the Binance Academy team was joined by representatives from the Department Of Information And Communications Technology (DICT)

and Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC): Carlos Antonio Albornoz, Project Development Officer at DICT, Vienne Mari Velasco, Project Development Officer at DICT, and Jeannine Roxas, Technology Consultant for the CICC and Assistant Vice President for IT Audit of SM Retail, Inc.

Binance Academy
Binance Academy University Roadshow at National University Laguna

Kenneth Stern, Vienne Mari Velasco, Carlos Antonio Albornoz, and Jeannine Roxas at Enderun Colleges Jeannine Roxas shared at the event: “Blockchain is a promising technology that is gaining more traction and usage in the Philippines. However, it is still very new, and in order to encourage more adoption among Filipinos, it is important

to provide them with relevant Web3 education. I am glad there are training sessions, such as this one organized by Binance Academy, available to people.”

University students who attended the Binance Academy sessions shared that such educational programs serve as a solid platform for learning and developing knowledge in emerging technologies and also provide networking opportunities with industry leaders and subject matter experts. They expressed interest in continuing to participate in similar programs and applying their newly acquired skills to positively impact their communities.

Timothy Shi, a university student at Enderun Colleges, said: “Education drives such as the Binance Academy University Tour can help overcome preconceived notions and technological challenges for those who are just getting into blockchain and Web3.”

Binance Academy
Binance Academy University Roadshow at Far Eastern University

Binance Academy’s Initiatives in the APAC Region
Across the region, Binance Academy has engaged in several educational initiatives to deliver and enhance crypto and Web3 education opportunities. Beyond the Philippines, Binance Academy signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Chengchi University in Taiwan to develop educational programs and joint research. In Australia, Binance donated 300,000 USD in digital currency to the University of Western Australia to advance its Web 3.0 curriculum. Binance also entered an MOU with the city of Busan, South Korea, to aid in developing its own blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, Binance Academy initiated the “Blockchain for Good” Ideathon with the Inter-Institutional Inclusive Innovation Centre in India to provide a platform for college students to develop inclusive solutions for the blockchain ecosystem.

Binance Academy recently partnered with, the Philippines’ largest education technology platform, to launch the Binance Scholar Philippines Web3 Scholarship. This scholarship program aims to increase educational outreach in the market and provide opportunities for the broader inclusion of Filipinos in the Web3 industry. This scholarship is just one of the many initiatives Binance Academy has in store for 2023.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your blockchain education and build the skills needed for a successful career in the industry, visit Binance Academy today. With a variety of courses and educational resources, you will gain access to the latest insights and developments in the field. Join the growing community of blockchain professionals and start your journey to success with Binance Academy. For more information, please visit
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